Confused about vacation/personal days.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Brownman, Feb 4, 2011.

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    So my supervisor told us we could not take our personal days during peak season and they would be bought back from us. Which mine were before the new year. Last week our hub closed due to snow, so I asked for a personal day. My supervisor said it was denied. I have vacation coming up in two weeks. I have been working for ups 2 years in june, so I had to pick two weeks for vacation this year. Since I was denied my personal days, can i still take my vacation? And why was i forced to take personal days before new year if now i don't have any till June??? That means from Jan to June I have no personal or sick days??? Should they not have bought back my personal days before the new year???? Confused.
  2. Nimnim

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    Sounds odd to me too. If they were bought back you'd have gotten a check for the balance. At least in my location you'd only have 1 personal day per year, until you get your option week at 3 years worked Jan 1st. We also get our personal and vacation days renewed on January first so the buyout in Dec makes sense.

    Hopefully someone with a renewal date of June can help you out more.
  3. Brownman

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    But I was told to pick two weeks for vacation this year. My second year will start in June, so am I safe to take my first vacation week in February, or do i have to wait until after june?? I don't want to take off then not get paid or get my hours for insurance.
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    In AZ our personal days are bought in Dec and renewed in Jan...never heard of them renewing on anniv. date, I would get in contact with a steward or the Local an see what your version of the contract states. When you picked your Feb. vacation were you told it was approved? If so did you get a copy of the signed form? If you answered yes then you get your Feb vaca.
  5. Nimnim

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    Good chance I got confused here. To be sure look at your paystub. If it has VAC 20.00 on the bottom left under your payrate and hours worked you're fine for your Feb vacation.

    I'm assuming, not always a good thing, your vacations and stuff renew in January like mine do, but because your second year working isn't until June they might not credit you your second vacation until then.

    So check your paystub for the VAC listing, you're completely safe for the Feb vacation if it says 20 there. If it says 40 then you're safe for your second vacation as well. Talk to a shop steward in your location as well your supplement may have further vacation information.
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    I'm pretty sure I got confused with the June talk. I know there's some places that don't renew their stuff in January, can't recall when it is though.
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    I was told it was ok. But who knows, you can never just take our supervisors word. He is the supervisor that will send you home and tell you there is no more work when by contract we are guaranteed 3 1/2 hours so I have to fight to stay just to make my insurance hours. My most recent paystub has 0 balance towards vacation and personal days so I will play it safe and plan on changing my vacation. And I will definetly ask for signed copy of approval before taking my vacation. Last year they made me take my vacation, then paid me a few weeks later, as I was not at 1 year seniority. So basically they made me take a week off unpaid, and they paid me 2 checks a month later when I actually worked. I guess in my hub I am looking out for myself!!! Nobody likes to grieve because they don't like the repercussions after... Anyway that's a whole other topic! Thanks for the responses!!!
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    My anniv. date is in Oct. and I was told by my supvr that the vacations are from anniv. to anniv. date. So if you started June 09, I would think you would get 1 week in 2010 (which you could take after June 2010..even though you accrued the days during your 1st year when you're unable to take vacation) Then you get 2 weeks for June 2010- June 2011. On my check I have 5 vac days listed, so I suppose after Oct. 2011, I will have 15 days listed. This is how it was explained to me.

    BTW...what are the minimum hours needed to work to maintain insurance? Is this by week or month?
  9. iowa boy

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    Depending on where you are and what supplement you are under, it will vary by location.

    Here in the central region, our option week is available the first week in January, but our actual vacation and option days dont accrue until our anniversary dates each year.
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    Ok.. Thats what I was thinking, it had to be after my anniv date. I am going to go in there Monday and change my vacation days, but say before hand to my supervisor, "So, I will get my vacation pay before my vacation again, one more time just to see what he says. Then I will know for sure he is always full of :censored2:.

    We have to have 60 hours a month to get our insurance for part-timers.
  11. kmjs14

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    I figured you had to have a certain number of hours in order to qualify but thought it was less than 60. So I guess if you take 2 weeks unpaid for personal leave your screwed? Does the insurance get canceled? Not asking you directly just putting it out here on the forum.
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    You need to read your contract.