Congressman surprises downtown store owners in Morganton

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    Congressman surprises downtown store owners in Morganton - Hickory Record

    United Parcel Service delivery driver Marvin Aldridge drove his routine delivery route around downtown Morganton on Thursday, but he had more than just packages to deliver.

    North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows, R-NC, decided to see what it felt like to wear the brown uniform of a UPS driver and surprise downtown Morganton business owners.
  2. Oh great! Another useless helper.
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  3. oldngray

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    “What we are going to do is run a route just like I normally run it, but we’re going to slow it up and let him meet some people and talk to them,” Aldridge said

    Sounds realistic doesn't it?
  4. Wonder if they made him say the DOK?
  5. oldngray

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    and gave him a warning letter for not using the handrail?
  6. I bet you that truck almost went out empty.
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    Doesn't he have to pass the DOT physical first?
  8. Do our peak helpers have to pass a physical or repeat the DOK?
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    No, they're just dumb mother truckers.
  10. They don't have time for that. Most of them are on work release.
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    I know you have to be an active employee of the company to be covered by its insurance. That's why it's a serious offense if you ever give someone a lift in the truck. As far as helpers go, I always thought they did have to pass a physical to be accepted. Could be wrong though. I haven't used a helper in years.
  12. No physical. Thankfully they don't drug test them!
  13. oldngray

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    I had one who knew all the drug dealers and crack houses on my route. A couple of his former employers were dealers.