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    Is it true that the only changes we can make to our supplement ( LIKE HARASSMENT FOR EXAMPLE) is if it's on our supplement which is not approved. Is everything on the master agreement a done deal? If that's the case we need to know what changes WE CAN impact. I really should already know this.
    PS The new TeamCare proposal is not as good as I originally thought. I went line by line comparing it to the original proposal. The only big change I saw is that the deductible is dropped for the first four years. Just one man's opinion. I know, opinion's are like butt holes everyone's got one and most of them stink.
    As for me and my house, we are convinced that we can make other changes for the second vote. As strange as it may seem we are also trying to help management.
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    hall has explicitly stated that IBT will not re-open the master agreement. That means only the supplements can be re-negotiated.

    The recent TeamCare enhancements are markedly better than what was originally offered to the membership and is almost identical -- save for the $100/$200 deductible kicking in during 2018, the 80% cap on out-of-network diagnostics/lab tests/imaging, and the changes in networks for vision and dental coverage -- to the current company plans. The major complaint for those that would be covered under TeamCare lies in the union's control of the health care plan: UPS could not reduce the level of benefits under a company plan without negotiating these changes under a new CBA. The trustees of TeamCare (and any other Taft-Hartley H&W plan in the country, for that matter) have the discretion to change the level of benefits at any time. This caveat is included as boiler plate language in order to preserve some level of benefits in case of a catastrophic economic down turn -- personally, I have no qualms with it but many of the people in the "Vote NO" locals do.

    For those already under CS H&W, the retiree insurance is again identical; $200/$400 for single/family coverage per month. The retirees under company plans currently pay $50 per month, but UPS has been entirely unwilling to continue the company plans.
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    Will CURRENT people in CS get these improvements? Or will the new 140K meember have better coverage than the current members?

    I am Still not for this, as It still could cost me thousands a year, which I do not pay now.

    One thing I do like is the prescription coverage.

    If this "new dvd" of sugar coated benefits is not for the current FT people in CS, then again a Vote NO..
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    My local is still awaiting clarification on this, but with the way the TeamCare website has the benefits setup (existing TeamCare/NEW Teamcare members) makes me think that the current employees covered under CS H&W will not see the benefit improvements. I think this is a terrible idea -- if we work for the same company and we're in the same plan, we should have the same benefits.
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    that is why we all should've all voted no this first time around. there was no clarification and it was too easy for the yes voters because nothing changed for u guys except $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
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    If ups gives the teamsters a 30 day notice I would say that the master could be opened. Ken H making that statement proves to me that they have forgotten who is actually running things. The union is suppose to be about the employee and what the employee's want not what ken and hoffa feel. They need to take a step back and instead of trying to show people what changes have really not been made, they need to listen to the concerns of what there members want and execute that. Ken H has gotten a little big for his britches and he needs to be careful what he says cause its yet to be seen if the master will be looked at or not.
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    amen, amen!!
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    I agree, but if you voted yes then you must have liked it at some point.
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    I voted against both the NMA and my supplement, but both passed. I'm PT so I'll be a "new" TeamCare member. The current FT'ers in my area are covered under CS H&W and will not see the enhancement, while FT'ers in locals that voted down their supplements will have them.
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    Maybe that fact will finally be the thing that slaps some members in the face and makes them understand that when you walk into a car dealership, you never, never, never say YES to the first offer---and that applies to contract ratification votes too, especially at extremely profitable companies.
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    I was under the impression that full timers already had union benefits. Are there some that had the company plan?
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    Many of the FT'ers in the locals that voted down their supplements were in company plans and will receive the "enhanced" TeamCare benefits in order to encourage them to vote for ratification. Basically, there were many differences in coverage across the country; many FT'ers were/are covered by CS H&W, some FT'ers and some PT'ers were covered by locally run Taft-Hartley plans (I believe Local 177 and others were able to negotiate their own locally-run plans that are equal to/better than TeamCare), and most PT'ers and some FT'ers were in company plans. The main gripe UPS had was with retiree coverage under the company plans -- this is where you hear about the coverage for retirees (age 55 until they are eligible for Medicare) being only $50/month for a family (which the company believed was unsustainable) while retiree coverage under TeamCare is $200/$400 month.
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    I am in CS and I received the DVD with the new improvements, so I assume we will also enjoy the new benefits
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    Apples and oranges. This is your livelihood.
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    I know its been said and im not denying it but I dont think ken h would actually come out and tell you if the master could be opened or not.
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    Don't come on here and be all logical.
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    Sorry. My mistake. I thought I was on the Harvard Review message board.
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    You're right. My local president said existing TeamCare members would see the new benefits at our meeting on Saturday.