Contract idea


When I was working and had unexpected expenses I just did more overtime. I averaged 52-55 hours a week so had a little room for extra time.
I do have a side gig which I do very well at but usually just do it about 10-15 hours a week. Work when I want and pick and choose.

Lately have been doing a little bit more. The last couple months have been my busiest but that is on me taking the extra work. I can stop at any time and do when it becomes less fun. We take this money to do fun things, buy some toys, go places.

Finally got the tax refund. Close to 6k. Since we are both over 65 get more back because less taxed on social security. I'm gonna have to change with holding which was only 10% down to 5% .



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Honestly I expect a complete societal and environmental collapse before 2050. Boomers had it good in the 80s. Should have saved more then.


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25 years with the company will give you $2000/month and no benefits. UPS gonna have to bump this :censored2: up. There should be minimum 25% increase in all pensions, and full benefits when we’ll need them the most.


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Just thought of one item that would I think be beneficial if we could get it(without having to give up something else) for the new contract: every so many hours you work(say 100 just for the sake of arguement) you get a share of ups stock. Apply to all ft pt and even seasonal.


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I wouldn't mind it but it would probably piss off half of my coworkers. They want to be paid in cash. They want liquid assets. We had people lose their minds when they saw a 401k deduction on their paychecks.
Same idiots that insist on being handed a paper check on friday that was deposited Thursday morning?