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    Word has it that ups and the union want this contract finished by March 31. Has anybody heard anything rumor or real as far as what is going on or what is being offered?

    I had heard one of the first things the company brought up is that art 22 people aren't doing their eight hours. In other words, people are only working half their shift and then go home. What's aggrivating is managers and supervisors are asking if people want to go home and art 22 people are stupidly taking them up on their offers. This is not good because it means the company may not offer another 10,000 jobs; which is exactly what the company wants. In other words, they can go to the union and say, "Hey why offer more 10,000 jobs when the ones we have offered aren't being done.

    I am asking all art 22 people to please stay at your job for eight hours. There are some people in my hub that only work 2-3 days a week and the company rather than writing them up, love them for doing this. It gives the company more ammo for their plea of not offering more jobs on the next contract.
    By the way the company is keeping count of all the people nationally on who is not working their eight hours, and it is a ton of them.

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    Just like TSG, why keep people on the payroll that are not needed? It sounds like a good business decision to me.
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    I 'm not sure the union would care if the article 22 job people are only working a couple days a week. The employee needs to work only 1 day and all union benefits are paid by UPS. So the union is getting the money regardless of how many days these employees work. The company can only create so many jobs, and not sure if this will be an issue for the new contract. I would think the bargaining chip this time around will be UPS Freight and Supply Chain Solutions
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    While the rumor I heard did not specify March 31st. The source did state prior to summer. They went on to say UPS will then begin an aggressive marketing campaign to win back business. Implying the lost business would have been caused by customer jitters fueled by the competition playing on the contract issue. Hey it looks good on paper so it must be right... 'Did I say that?':blush:
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    :thumbup1: It would be great if both the company and union worked together in negotiations to not only insure a growing , strong company but also increase real union full time jobs:
    Consider these points of reality :
    1. Fed x is non union and appears will stay that way for some time. Fed x ground is delivering residential at a much lower cost to ups drivers on overtime.
    2. UPS drivers are complaining about too much overtime.
    3. union wants more full time jobs.
    4. Ups needs to have consistent workforce on midnight shifts
    5. UPS drivers always want earlier start times.
    6. Ups wants most of the air to be delivered by the regular route drivers to eliminate miles and extra cars on the road.
    7. Ups drivers cannot start early in the morning and do late pickups and resi's ---causes long hours and grievances.
    8. Union and Company should add thousands of combo jobs to deliver residential (GROUND) at a combo rate that competes ith fed x ground --start regular route drivers earlier ----eliminate unwanted overtime----combo drivers unload regular drivers car on return to bldg----load resi's --deliver and p/u late air ----return --have meal period ---work rest of shift on midnight hub.
    This is what negotiations should do ---both give a little so that all can benefit. Thousands of real combo jobs ---making ups competitive against non union agression---relief of unwanted overtime, early start --early finish ---less send agains customers are home in evening ---p/us can be done later ------pension plan is helped by creating much more union positions --(volume ups can price off fedx ground by delivering at much lower rate than o/t.
    Sounds like it makes too much sense ??
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    OH, the farmers and the cowboys should be friends. Tra la la.
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  7. It never ceases to amaze me, we have 22.3 guys who will go home time worked at a drop of a hat. In fact they will hang around the office and ask "am I extra?". One guy next to me will try and greive if someone goes home ahead of him time worked! These people want the full time benefits with part time hours. They forget what all this time worked will do to their pension. If I get up for work and come in, I'm working. Never understood how people will turn hang around and volunteer to leave without making a penny.
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    :lol: Too funny!
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    island1fox....I like some of your ideas. If we are going to stay competitive, some fresh ideas are needed, and that includes combo jobs with real chances for advancement. If we can get the edge on Fred, there's better chances of a 25 and out plan and security for the future.
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    Thank you for your positive comments. The Global economy and world changes so quickly today ---- different ideas from all people with clear hearts and good intentions should be welcomed by all ------ but --- we still have to deal with the people who live in the past of " Cowboys vs Farmers " --- very humerous but are obviously part of the problem -- rather than the solution.
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    I am the lowest in senority driver in our center; I knew it would be slow after peak. But come on I have only driven 1 day this year so far!!!! Called in for work this morning 5 of us on layoff; but those working are going out heavier than peak. Doesn't make sence 5 hardworking men& women on layoff and the rest of the drivers going out this heavy. I wonder if the union can address this issue. I was a street hire and I have no regrets coming to UPS but what a strain the the checkbook when you are not working with a wife and 2 kids to support.
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    25 and out will only happen if UPS takes over the pension fund. As long as we are in the Multi-Employer Teamster
    slush funds you can forget it!
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    Have ta disagree with ya there, fellow Wyomingite. Have you seen what ups is doing to the newer mgt's retirement/stock/insurance plans?
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    This issue of 22.3 people not doing their jobs has been brought up here allot lately but it never fails to tick me off. Our combo guy is one of those people. I think many of the people that signed up for the jobs only did so because "they can". It's not that they really wanted the jobs. They just couldn't stand the fact that someone with less seniority could end up with something so they accepted the job as a way of showing them who has "more juice". Either way they don't belong. One way UPS could solve this problem would be to make it to where full-timers could go back to part-time. That should be in the next contract because by doing so they could then kick all those guys back down to part-time and rebid the jobs. I bet you'd see a change in allot of people's work ethics if this were to happen.
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    What are they doing?
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    funny how my 22 buddy were just talking about not getting 8 hr days. poor guy's taking home 300 a week.......
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    We also have a Art 22 driver that constantly works only 2 or 3 days a week del. air. The company won`t do anything about it because they are saving money by only contributing 4 hrs into the pension for him. Most fulltime drivers are :censored2: because his attitude is he can choose when he wants to work. But he`s always the first to complain if he sees a sup doing teamster work.
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    I heard that anyone who went into management after January 06 will not get any DDB credits for retirement health insurance. The insurance will still be available to them at a cost. As far as a change in their retirement pay - I have not heard of any changes.
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    it is nice to go home early from work but, you need to watch how many hours you work in a year. you need so many ( i
    forgot the amt) hrs a year to have a good year towards your pension. so watch what you do.
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    not true. I have two people that qualify.. no changes.