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    Has anyone heard where the national grievance over contractor usage for UPS Freight is? The road drivers are still displaced as dock workers and having to load/unload contractor trailers. Runs are still being canceled and management is using contractors instead.
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    the problem is the definition of "layoff" union says a layoff is you not doing the job you bid on, the company says there not breaking the contract becuase the roaddrivers are not laidoff there still working just working as dockworkers.

    Also our contract specifically gives the company the right to cut any road runs that do not return to there home domicile with freight. For example freight is running from point a to b to c to d the return freight runs the same but from terminal d to c the lane is empty so the company does not just cut that run they cut every run a to b to c to d they will cut all 6 runs and run a contractor from point a to point d.

    Also there running the return freight throught different terminals freight will run from MIA - ORO - MEM- STL, but the return freight goes STL - ATL - ORO - MIA then they say the freight dried up and the lane now pulls empties and now conractors pull the freight from STL - ORO.