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    Big corporations greed will be the death of America

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    I think there's a lot of truth in that statement
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    I think not, theres just too much fat in those buisness that go unchecked far too long.

    I'm a believer that those big buisness jobs create other small time jobs to support, rival and compete with those other corporations. Its all about supply and demand. One must learn to adjust to the conditions to supply and apply those needs of those who cant. Its freedom of choice and of who can and cannot supply them with demand.

    Sure small time jobs can give you a job, but what are they really doing on the outside that supplies one with a job? Our country has learned and evolved with the matches of big business. They were dreamers and hard workers who gave a simple or many ideas and concepts that change us as we are now.

    We can thank both sides of the work force to why we have jobs now. We can say the same thing on those who dont. Life as taught us that one will do as one will does to make a living. And sometimes, an idea that proves to be a winner.

    Look at our past, most winners came from nothing. Bill gates, Steve Jobs and others who came from nothing, yet made something from nothing. It is the life breath of the American soul to do so. We change as the times seem fit. The next person to come and do the same could be in your arms now.

    Corporations are given a bad name, I understand this. But they got there in one way or another.
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    One might also consider that "big corporations greed" is not strictly an American phenomenon; and, if "it" ever did kill America, it would be irrelevant because "it" would just move somewhere else.

    Parasitic, one might say.

    On the other hand, one might consider that "big corporations greed" generates massive amounts of prosperity and wealth; and, without it, a large (some might say the main) part of the global economy would be removed - and we would all suffer.

    It's complicated, one might say.
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    Been around 200 plus years always been greed. I actually believe the opposite is true. The greed of the people that do nothing and pay no taxes will be the downfall. It's very easy for companies to move to other countries now days.
  6. All though, profit pays us our wages, our benefits and keeps us employed. Maybe the goverment should step in and tell us how much we can make. Would that make things better? I see this as a two way street. But without profits we have no jobs. So who is to say enough is enough. We all enjoy wage increases and fully funded benefits, retirements etc...just saying, its all a big game, and everybody has a share in it.
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    Big government lunacy will be the death of America.

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    Boysie8706, Mark 8:36

    King James Version (KJV)

    [SUP]36 [/SUP]For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Sincerely, I
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    Full-timers' greed will be the death of UPS.
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    Remove corporations from the wealth equation , now who will support the gov't ?
    Because most of the funds that support governments are generated from the corporations ; regulations , campaign contributions , payroll taxes , profit taxes , etc.
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    By whose authority are corporations created in the first place? By whose authority are the privilege of limited liability for example issued? Do the rights and privileges that corporations enjoy, are those rights that exist in nature and exist for everyone freely and equally or do you have to go to someone, pledge loyalty too, bow down and kiss the ring and then you are granted the privilege and the status? If you've not done so, if you are not a member of this created class, you don't enjoy the good things that the god that is the state thus bestows.

    If the child is bad, is it all the child or does the parent who created the child hold any responsibility? I'm no fan of corporations at all. They don't exist as a result of natural market actions nor do their rights exist from a state of nature. Rights from nature exist on their own and all enjoy equally without any action by anyone, any entity or even the need of a high court decision. It's a fallacy of an appeal to authority. Fictions are the only thing that need these in order to make them appear real. On their own they poof and disappear.

    Therefore I look to whose divining actions created the creature eg corporation to begin with and it would be there I would lay the blame. Problem is, some of the folk here screaming about corporations are still under the delusion that what created the corp. monster is also their own saviour. And now the child has learned how to master it's father.

    And Hoax is right about FT greed killing UPS. Scott Davis will just die if his salary doesn't increase over 50% annually and that money has to come from somewhere!