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    I am having an issue with the company about my date. I was a p/t'er who signed up for summer vacation coverage in '06 i drove everyday except a few. I was then used the first and second week after labor day. Thus from my understanding, requiring them to hire me f/t. About the third week after labor day I signed the bid sheet for a perm. f/t position. Now for the last 2 years the posted senority list has my date as 9/15/06. And I have been worked based on this date, but payroll and/or labor dept. has my date listed as 9/26/06, this being the date they are giving me my pay raises per the contract!! Now I know that the 26th was the first day I drove after signing the bid, but the 15th. was the first date of driving after labor day when seasonal. I spoke to the union rep and said that we should go by the list and original agreed date of the 15th. Its just getting payroll and labor on the same page! I would also like to add that another employee was seasonal that year, got his probation done, drove on the 15th like me, and signed thye same bid sheet for the 2 open f/t spots that I did. Well the list has him as the 15th, with me being ahead of him due to company senority. But like me his payroll/labor date is the first day he drove after signing the bid...9-21-06....putting him ahead of me!!! I hope this fiasco makes sense. I hope to get this taken care of soon, just wondering what you all thought?
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    When I want to prove my start date I pull up the pension fund log.
    Here its a teamster run fund, and they keep good records.
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    I'm by no means a contract expert so take what I type here with that in mind. But if I understand what you are saying here, your first day of driving after signing the bid for F/T was the 26th and the other guy on the 21st. Those should be your new classification seniority dates. My question would have been, why was he allowed to drive under the new bid five days before you if you had overall seniority?
    In our region (Southern) incorrect posted seniority dates have to be challenged within 30 days of posting or they are cemented.
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    I believe the date is the first day you worked in the classification, within the bid.

    When I went full-time in July 06, I had a vacation week 7-29 to 8-6 (approximately)....UPS made my F/T seniority date 8/7/06, my first day worked in the new job. Not the day I signed the bid, nor completed DOT, which was before the vacation.

    If this is wrong let me know. The more juice the better.!
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    First replying to this quote I agree it would be my first day after signing the bid...BUT I signed up for seasonal driving, got my 30 working days in then was used after labor day, which I was told at the time makes me f/t and the 15th was established and posted on the list. Apparently they didn't communicate this to payroll which has me at the first day I drove after signing the bid. Secondly, I was a preloader the other guy was a reloader, so when there was a call in in the morning I had already worked 4 hours, so they used him. They didn't tell me I had left when he arrived to work!:angry: Thirdly, I believe that is what my union rep said on the phone, The list the company has sent the union for the last 2 years has said the 15th. Therefore that is what it will stay.
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    Good idea! I don't have those old paystubs, so I will bring this up when I here from the union guy.
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    You should be able to access all of your paystubs on
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    I do check them online but it appears that it only goes back till last year, not the year before.
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    My wife calls me a pack rat, but I have all my pay stubs for the last five years,
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    I think I still have some of the stubs from when the checks were not sealed and anyone could look at your information when the check was in your mailbox. I need to purge!:dissapointed:
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    I gotta show this to my wife. I'm not such a pack rat after all. LOL
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    Junkie, I hope you get this all worked out in a fair and equitable fashion for all involved. Good Luck.

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    I've been told changing your seniority date is like changing your social security number.

    Is it possible? Yeah

    Is it easy and simple? Not in a million years !

    I had an issue 8 years ago about my date being behind someone else who was in my driver training class. Then it meant something, 8 years later It means nothing. Seniority is about the people BEHIND you that matters, not the ones in front. So my suggestion is just let it be and you'll laugh about it 10-15-20 years down the line.
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    I have had a senority date problem that I had corrected but which has popped up twice since than as I have tranferred to two different buildings in that time. If you document everything there should be no problem in eventually correcting any discrepencies. Not saying it will be easy but just be persistent. When you go from one classification to another (I have had four different job titles), or go from p/t to f/t it must give the company computers a fit. Right now they are renewing my vactions on the wrong date. My manager is looking into it and I am sure it will eventually be resolved. As long as I am still being paid for my vacations, no harm, no foul.

    My very name was misspelled and it took awhile to get even that straightened out. But it was corrected. I had to go to the HR dept. offices directly for that one.

    Call me a nut but I have every paystub since I started in 1987. When I retire I am going to have a paystub burning party! I wonder if the marshmellows will taste better browned :happy-very:.