Cost of divorce more than costs of Iraq war?


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I have nothing against marriage relationship-building is great, throw in birth control and family planning programs and limit slackers from milking the system. But alone it's not going to do the job. A full-employment economy would probably be the best thing — decent, stable jobs. In black urban areas where the rate of single-mother households is highest,a high number of African-American men have been in prison that limits their future earning potential and makes them bad marriage partners, regardless of what kind of person they are. A marriage program doesn't address that problem at all. Bigger investments in education, opportunities would pay long-term dividends, improving economic prospects even for children from disadvantaged families.

Intresting rebuttled from a third year student from Univ. South Carolina


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A full-employment economy would probably be the best thing — decent, stable jobs.

I think we have had that for quite some time now. I think it has been between 4 and 6 percent unemployment with an estimated 20 million illegal immigrants working. If we took away all these social programs first we could then determine how many "guest" workers we would need.

Anyway it seems like the article you posted agrees in part with the study.

"Of course, the study does have a somewhat valid point. These public assistance benefits - paid for by taxes - can be and are taken advantage of. Perhaps these groups should instead research how to get help to those who actually need it (and how to prevent people from "milking" the system), as opposed to pushing their ideals for society."
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