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    "He's the third Ohio man exonerated after being wrongly accused of the 1975 murder. Imprisoned after the testimony of a 13 year old witness who recanted his testimony last year, saying he was coerced by detectives at the time."

    "Kwame Ajamu, 56, was the last of three men exonerated in the 1975 robbery and murder of a Cleveland-area money order salesman. Ajamu was originally sentenced to death, but it was vacated because of a paperwork error. He later earned parole in 2003." Only now being exonerated of all charges.

    "The two other accused, Ajamu's brother, Wiley Bridgeman, 60, and Ricky Jackson, 57, were released from prison last month after 39 years."

    "Defense attorney Terry Gilbert said that Cuyahoga County prosecutors took a courageous stand not to fight the dismissal of charges against the men. Prosecutors also said they won't stop the trio from seeking more than $4.1 million in compensation from their wrongful imprisonments, reported "

    "“We were robbed,” Ajamu said. “There will be no offspring when I die. When my brother passes away, that is it. We don’t have children. There will never be another Ronnie Bridgeman."

    Damn. They really :censored2:ed this up.

    Here is Kwame Ajamu exoneration hearing -

    Video of Ricky Jackson freed from prison after 39 years for wrongful murder conviction -
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    Three men with nothing left to lose and no justice. There's probably a few people now who best never sleep again.
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    ‘Prosecutors took a courageous stand not to fight the dismissal of charges against the men’ who were exonerated???? How is that courageous? The men were wrongfully convicted and then exonerated.
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    Those three better sue the state for billions.
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    No telling how many people are in jail that are innocent
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    I am sure today with all the technology we have it's a lot less but I still agree . Back then it was mostly his word vs yours and with the racial tentions back then it was a perfect storm for this kind of stuff .

    I use to be pro death penalty but if it has the ability to kill one innocent man then I can't be for it .
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    There have been quite a few in my area that have been released that have spent 25+ years in prison.The sad thing is that is time that they will never get back.Now on the death penalty part if you are 100 percent positive with no doubt I am all for that.
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    Could you imagine the hate that one could feel after being wrongly locked up for that long? I might go on a John wick killing spree.
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    John Lennon imgaine