Couldn't believe my eyes!!

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  1. northbound

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    I saw a big brown Ups truck with a FedEx Ground driver behind the wheel!!!!!

    Hold on wait, now this truck went by my house past his stop did a 3 point turn in the middle of an intersection. No flashers, no beeper, or no horn!! Then when he came back by the house it was a Ups driver? What I thaught? Hmmmm I thaught only FXG drivers did that stuff......

    What about that FedEx Express guy I see talking on the phone and driving? What? Is that professional to break the law?

  2. Route 66

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    well, I guess I'm confused too
  3. soc151

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    It's only wrong if you have tattoos and/or piercings.
  4. TheJackal

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    Talking on the phone while driving is not against the law in Colorado, but it does violate FedEx's policy.
  5. SmithBarney

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    It's not illegal as long as you comply with DOT regulations

    one touch answer, one touch call, one touch terminate, and only hands free allowed
  6. northbound

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    Its illegal in my state......

  7. Apparently in my WA, a Ground driver has taken over driving a brown truck .. because yesterday at the mall I service, a UPS truck was unattended, nobody in sight .. yet ALL doors were open, the side driver door, the back door and the cab through door .. crazy!! I thought only trucks with green letters were that unprofessional!
  8. I did 2 stops, about 3 minutes, never saw a driver around the truck the whole time .. then drove by the truck to go around the corner to my next stop and still no sign of a driver with all the doors wide open with freight on all the shelves just screaming to the outside world :)
  9. CharleyHustle

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    There are certainly infractions of work rules and even laws by every trucking company and their drivers. When I started driving 30 years ago, there were no seat belt laws and maybe usage was 50%, then laws were passed and even though some delivery drivers were exempt, UPS mandated usage and maybe 75% used a belt all the time. Then telematics was installed on every vehicle and usage now is probably over 99%. The issue is to me is what is the boss at your company going to do about infractions?

    Whenever there is a terrorist attack like in Boston, my 1st thought is always the FedEx Ground driver I see everyday that never shuts his truck off or secures his vehicle, even when he is delivering to the local High School. I've peeked in the cab and right there hanging on the dash is his card pass to get through the unmanned gate at the factory we both deliver to. Now, if a high school burn out decides to take his truck for a joy ride, or a terrorist hi-jacks it to get in the gate at that factory, who should get the blame? The driver or his boss?
  10. Doc Sorting Dude

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    Definitely, the driver. Just like any driver who chooses whether or not he wants to secure their vehicle; it takes just a second to walk away with a package. The message has to be clear cut; if you can't secure your vehicle at stops or pick ups; they will get someone who will.
  11. CharleyHustle

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    I've seen this driver for years, he never shuts his truck off or secures the vehicle. He leaves it running with the bulk head door open and goes inside to delivery points. In my mind, there is no message, clear or cut, there is no one telling this or any other Ground driver to secure the vehicle and insuring they obey the law.
  12. bbsam

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    Is it the law to secure the vehicle or Fedex policy?
  13. Operational needs

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    In the state I live, it's against the law to leave your vehicle running and you aren't in it, even your personal vehicle.
  14. Fedexoffice_driver

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    It's fedex policy to secure your vehicle but that's typical FXG drivers ill here in California ill sometimes pull up behind them in and see how easy it would be to unload some of there packages without notice I'm sure it has happen to them it is LA


    I was in my personal vehicle waiting for my turn at a local bank yesterday. Next thing I know, a Fedex Ground driver pulls over at the Burger King next door. Not only he parks and blocks 3 empty parking spaces right by the entrance, but he jumps out of his trunk and leaves it running. He walks inside, buys a large size drink, and returns to his running truck about 5 minutes later. He then speeds away, sipping on his cold drink. Too bad it didnt ocurred me to record it with my cell. Im sure he's a repeat offender; I will ran into him again, unless he's in the news before...for his stupidity.
  16. Fedexoffice_driver

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    Yep sounds like a another ground driver on the move
  17. MrFedEx

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    Yep , I see Ground trucks running all the time. Sometimes, I will jump in and move it if it is blocking an alley or a dock or otherwise parked in a stupid manner. When I was an RTD, I would occasionally move someone's rig off a dock if they had walked into the building to BS or eat lunch. If the keys were in it, and the truck was loaded and in the way of my now open dock spot, I'd move it. Sometimes the driver would be :censored2:, but they weren't following dock etiquette, which is to move your truck off as soon as it is loaded or unloaded so the next person gets the slot.


    Get this, it gets better. Today, I saw this Home Delivery driver in his truck WITH A FREAKING JAMAICAN FLAG HANGING FROM THE REAR VIEW Had to look 2X, I couldn't believe my eyes! Now, that looked soooo professional, this young dude was showing lots of patriotism and professionalism. But again, company image is nothing for them + lets not forget he owns the truck...
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    If you're looking for a termination that will stick no matter how many lawyers you throw at it, you've found it.
  20. northbound

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    While I agree with you on dock etiquette. If anyone moved my truck I would call the local PD to report the incident just in case any damage or vandalism was done by the dock god.