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    i start cover driver school in a few week looking for some insider tips from other cover driver.
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    Enjoy being the bitch of the center and here - they have ALL been cut. I am GLAD I got out of it last May and stayed in school.

    A lot of the young guys like myself got screwed because they were using us everyday, then the union basically had them eliminated - which I agree with the full timers on this one because they were using cover drivers as swing drivers, ALL the time - and this is not the purpose of a cover. Anyway, they bought houses etc..and now they're back in reload/preload making 10.50 an hour and working 20 hours a week.

    Be very careful, and they're going to bust your balls...remember - the most JUNIOR full time driver can bump you off anything. The only benefit I see to being a cover driver is qualifying as a cover, and then shortly after having the seniority (and the luck) that they need f/t package car drivers that way you do not suffer a reduction in wages.

    Just keep in mind - they do not have to work you so just keep the extra money you make in a savings account and do not depend on making that 23.00 an hour every day, for the rest of your cover driving days. Stick to your budget you have now with your inside part time wages and you'll be alright - pay off debt if you have any with the extra money you make - thats what I did.
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    What happened to the work that was being done by the cover drivers after they were cut? Absorbed by the full-timers or were some of the cover drivers made full-time?
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    also remember if they lay you off for the day, you can go back to your night shift, they must work you.
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    Cover driver school? I was given a map and told it comes off nice.
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    Buy lots of 'personal lubricant' for the many many times you will get it up the rear end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The work was divided up amongst full time drivers (mostly unassigned), and they gave the cover drivers that wanted full time - full time posistion. Basically what they were doing was not creating enough full time unassigned drivers, which is why I agree with what happened to them.

    I told the guys that said it "sucked" to put yourself in the shoes of the guys who went straight into full time from part time and started out at 14.50 an hour or whatever. Here you are, a part timer, working as much as they are day in day out and you're making almost twice as much...and getting better benefits to boot (thats one of the two benefits of being a part timer, our pension fund isn't bankrupt and our benefits are better because the company pays for them and not the IBT). Cover drivers are to be used for vacation coverage and as needed, call-ins when all unassigned drivers have been worked.

    Those in the hub without enough seniority have been sent back down to preload/reload.
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    show up and listen. like everything else in life. not assuming everything will be served to you on a silver platter should help, too. *cough cough*