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    What's the pay progression going from cover driver to full time driver! I've been making 34.32 for about a year now! I was a Saturday air driving being used everyday so I made top rate! About a 3 months ago I be and a cover driver and went done to 24.30 a hour! Now they asked me to become a full time driver so how long before I top out again!
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    How long before I get back to 34.32.
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    OK first let me say I don't know where you are. I can only speak for my area.

    I'm guessing you were making top scale because as an air driver they had you del ground or pick up ground. So they had to pay you that much.

    Now you are a cover driver and make i believe 75% of top rate. When you go FT it will take you 4 years (counting the time you were a cover driver also) to become top rate.
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    Why are you on a message board asking drivers who are governed under 100 different contracts when you will get back to full rate? Ask your steward
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    I was just curious and of course I could ask a steward and will! I was under the impression that's what this site was for! 90% of the questions asked in here could go to a steward!
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    4 years
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    Your situation doesn't exist in my local. All cover drivers are full time here. Our air drivers never run routes. Can't help you.
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    Shoulda stayed where you were. Now you have to wait 4 years to get 35 again
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    i was under the impression that once you got 30 days in at a certain rate, they could not lower your rate? That is what happens here at least. a TCD rate can only lower if they go full time before 30 days is up.
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    I'm sure I'm in the minority here but I would be able to understand the question a little better if there were just a few more exclamation points, but hey that's just me.
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    I thought "The great escape."
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