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    I have been working reload for about five years and i am thinking about to do cover driver and i am going to driving school in two weeks. how long can i do cover driver? if they do not need me to do any driving can i do air and do reload the same day? how much training the supervisor is going to give me before i go out by myself?
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    You need to read your rider what is consider a cover driver and what they do differs from center to center. In my area cover drivers are FT driver,they just don't have a permanent route which means they fill in when some is one vacation or do split routes. In other places cover drivers are PT workers that fill in driving when people are on vacation or calling. As a cover driver you still need to follow DOT hos rules. Meaning you can't work more than 14 hours a day and must have at least 10 hours off between shifts. If you have another job after getting out of UPS your most likely going to run into Hos problems as those HR's count towards your 14 and 10. Your problem would probably be with the 10 hours of off time.
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    Thanks for your answers.
    how much training is the supervisor going to give me?
    can i drive air if i have more seniority that any air driver?
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    alex.welcome to the browncafe ,what you learn fast here,is that every hub ,or center has thier own way of doing things.
    Your best bet is to talk to the drivers.Find one that will explain how it works where you are.
    You will need to learn the 5 seeing habits and the 10 point commentary.
    Driving is not for everyone.I've seen many newbies that just can't handle the insanity.
    Google is a better place to work.
    Try that first.:happy-very:
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    I think the OP is confusing cover drivers with casual drivers. As 72 said, cover drivers are FT drivers who do not have their own route but are guaranteed their 8 hours. Casuals do not have their own route and are not guaranteed their 8. You would be a casual driver until such time as a route or bid cover position comes open. Each center is supposed to have a training route and you are supposed to stay on that route for 30 days, which is called your qualification period. Once you qualify you will learn other routes--the training on that will vary but is usually 3 days. As a casual you are not guaranteed your 8 so normally will not be allowed to bump back in to the hub to get your hours. This may be different at your center. Your ability to use the DIAD can make or break your day.