Cramer getting his rear end torched! Wow

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by tonyexpress, Mar 13, 2009.

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  2. Monkey Butt

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    That was funny and uncomfortable at the same time.

    John did say it was not directed at him but at CNBC as a whole but he still got him pretty well.

    I never thought of Jim Cramer's show as being serious but he accepted the blame pretty well.
  3. chev

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    I'm not a big Stewart fan, but he did a great job of calling him out.
  4. Jones

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    The only thing sadder than Cramer's performance was reading the comment section on Breitbart. Some pretty serious nutjobs posting there, makes this place look like afternoon tea and crumpets :happy-very:
  5. LVSupport

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    Isn't it something when our "comedians" bring us the serious news. Where are Woodward and Bernstein? I'd love to put those Wall Street and Bank crooks in stocks in town square for a month and then throw them in a high rise low income apartment for life.

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    Working nights I don't tend to catch these type shows except I did make damn sure I got to see Rush on Stephen Colbert's show :rockon::punk: but on 2 occassions I did watch Jon, once on purpose when he had Ron Paul on and I thought it was a great show, Jon got his laughs but in the end he was very respectful and treated Ron well. The other was I just happen to catch was when he had Lynn Cheney on and although I thought to myself, "Lady what were you thinking" Jon got his laughs and a few pokes but Lynn got hers as well and in the end, Jon was very nice and respectful to her as well.

    Cramer blows his own horn and like Carlton Sheets in real estate, these guys see a bubble and help blow it up to turn a buck. If Stewart called him on it, then good for Stewart.