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    Ok here is a crazy question what would be the best order of progression to become a district manager? Would it look like package handler, driver, on-car, twilight or preload ft sup, center manager? Any ideas?
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    You forgot Division Manager.
  3. scratch

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    I didn't realize they still use people with actual operations experience at that level anymore.
  4. DS

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    The helicopter spotted a big green spot that is you.Not a field of pot,just someone with overly confident ideas about progression.
    See if google is hiring,you have too much spirit to have it
    taken away from you by ups.
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    Hope you have $$ saved up for the mandatory lobotomy and castration---these used to be covered by the management health plan but due to cost cuts (i.e. affording Scott Davis's raise) applicants for the DM position must now pay for them out of pocket.
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    Start at the top it's worth a try....BC
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    It would would look like college new hire, spend 1 week in operations as driver sup, 1 week as center manager, 2 weeks learning to play decent golf, 1 week purposely losing to soon-to-be retired district manager, 1 month putting out impossible goals to reach to the aforementioned positions you held knowing it can't be done but under threat of termination, you are now the District Manager.

    No hourly employees were hurt in the making of this post.
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    No becoming a distract manger is like hitting the lottery. In order to play you have to kiss ass every day and hope that someone likes you....
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    Order of Progression:

    1. Lobotomy
    2. Removal of heart
    3. Removal of soul
  10. Big Babooba

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    Use lots of lip balm and KY
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    1. College
    2. Plenty of chapstick
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    To be a district manager in the U.S. operations, you will have a lot of competition. There are only 20 districts now in the U.S. Although there are other district manager level people in corporate for example BD has at least 6 district manager level people, probably more. The first criteria will be a college degree, preferably a masters, although that can be earned while working. The main key will be in lots of job changes and rotations, special assignments that will take you outside the country. You will need to master each and then get ready to take on a new assignment. The worst part (in my opinion) is the constant relocation. You will also rotate from operations (Pkg, Hub, Fdr into staff functions like BD or Finance or IE etc). Personally, why would a person want to pick up and move 4 or more times in a job just to get to that level? It's fine if you have no kids. But constantly uprooting the kids in my opinion is not good for them.
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    Hide in a closet for most of your life so you have no clue about anything. Have zero honor or integrity to speak of. Be callous and willing to hurt others to get ahead. Pass a bunch of rigorous tests like making a mirror fog when it's put under your nose. Spend no real time working in the operation while collecting dirt on your colleagues. You will be appointed the position.
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    If your goal was to generate one-sided, UPS hating, mindless responses, you have done a good job....

    If you wanted a real answer, unfortunately you have come to the wrong place (see sentence above)

    UPS has about 400,000 people. There are only a little over 100 district mangers. Only about 3,000 division managers and above. Look at those odds.

    But, over a long and good career it can certainly be done. The path will be different for different people..... The skills and experience needed today is different than the past (as it is for all businesses).

    Go talk to some local management, not a bulletin board.... Best of luck...
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  15. Are you minority or female? Or some other descriminatory class.
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    Hey I just met you,
    and this is crazy,
    But how do I get to be DM,
    So tell me maybe.
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    Be a ruthless SOB and leave all common sense at the door and you'll go far. Just don't look in any mirrors.
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    Please don't---we are already at full "troll capacity".