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    We have a few in our center that is starting to do some crooked things to get certain ones canned. For ex. they purposely misload packages after the ones loading it clocked out. I heard they are trying to weed out a lot of employees that have been there a while now since we are under a new contract so they can hire fresh people that have to wait a year for insurance so they can do it to them later down the road.
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    As :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed up as it sounds, it fits right in to the UPS way of doing things, whether it's true or not.
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    There may be some truth to your accusations.They tend to go after the troublemakers though,not so much the people with legitamite concerns.
    The truth is though,that they have a lot more to lose than you if you are doing nothing wrong and they are honestly crooked.
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    Do you know what your proposing? what proof do you have of this?
    what does a operations sup care if ypu get insurance or not? it doesnt effect service, or their numbers at all

    It is a large companyesque kind of thing to do to save money, but it would be through job cuts. singling out employee by employee is a long drawn out expensive process, in turn doesnt make economic sense.....

    some one sounds kinda paranoid
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    We stay to busy to cut jobs. The only way the company can save money is by cutting the ones who have been their a while making up to $20/hr and already has insurance and replacing them with new hires making half that with no benefits. Theres no telling what UPS pays a month for benefits for a single employee. Makes sense to me
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    My second post originally insulted anyone who would entertain the idea that this was real. I changed it because some respected members here actually gave a serious response. That is ridiculous. Nonetheless, here we go.... the troll wins again.... when will people on this site figure this stuff out.

    Let's start with this. The expenditures of the company soley to benefits of employees is not something a PT, nor even a FT, sup needs to necessarily be concerned with. I do not think anyone that has actual knowledge of UPS management will debate that. Therefore, this "order of causing chaos" (which is what the TS's make-believe scenario would create) would certainly come from a higher level. Much higher. I won't bother speculating with exact job titles, but it would be high. As we all know, once this plan of action was whispered by a person at this level, everyone would know soon. If you choose, you can say that this information wouldn't get "leaked". Keep in mind, if you choose to hold that opinion, life may not be for you. And, you would probably have a hard time trying to figure out how to drink water.

    Oh, and if you are considering refuting what I just said, let's not forget that I left out the "fire him/her for mis-loads" argument for a reason. But have at it.... we can come back to that (and other) reasons why this thread is BS later.
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    you should secretly film these naughty sups in action, then You Tube it ( of course using a handle found here.....)
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    Doesn't make sense to me. WE cannot replace PT'ers that quit. WE have drivers working the preload and unloading trucks at night. New preloaders rarely last their first week. Maybe it's possible if you live in a area with an abundance of people willing to work for such a crappy wage doing a hard job with horrible hours. It's not that way in my neck of the woods.
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    I doubt that this is happening for the simple reason that those same sups will wind up having to train the new hires that replace whoever gets fired, and that is a lot of work and hassle. It would also expose these sups to some serious legal problems if they got caught.

    It is not uncommon for sups to alter timecards and screw employees out of a few minutes pay in order to make their numbers look better. Another scam is to get everyone off the clock and send them home, and then complete the wrap up themselves to reduce paid hours. We are constantly filing grievances to get bargaining unit members paid for work that sups do.

    Preload sups are pretty much like a dog that pisses on your carpet. You can catch them, and smack them around and rub their noses in it, and they might stop...for awhile. But sooner or later, no matter what you do, they will always go back to that same spot and do it again.
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    Damn, that's funny!
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    I'm a sucker when it comes to believing stories about UPS. Anyone that has been around for awhile knows that the outside world wouldn't believe half of the crap that goes on at the Brown Machine. :peaceful:
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    You're so right! No matter how times we see and/or experience the BS we don't become immune. Little by little they creep back under our skin until we begin doubting ourselves. That's when we need to go to a trusted co-worker and have them pull our heads back out of our butts.

    You know, we work our shifts, get it over with and continue with our lives until next shift. UPS has 'round the clock varmints thinking of how to squeeze a bit more juice out of us. Their juice vial is like the goodwill contribution bulb - never seems to get to the top but, hey, look who[s coloring it in. We haven't got a snowball's chance to win the war but but can sure can win some carefully chosen battles.

    On the odd pkgs thrown in car, could be anyone, management or hourly with the responsibility of getting rid of that pkg. "fling", it's done.
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    When some one is fired or quits how much money do you think it takes to hire someone new??? Its not free it cost more than you think to pay someone for the training, back ground checks, etc. I could go on not to even mention when someone new comes on board all the training that has to be done w/ them. They start loading in trlrs, a p/t sup stays w/ them for 3 days at least to train on everything. I know we all love the annual training that everyone has to keep up every so often DOK, Habits, 8 keys lower/lift thats just a few so as for people getting fired for those kinds of reasons? Come on half the B/S that goes around is just that B/S.
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    They`re only after the paranoid schizophrenics. Shut up! No they`re not! Yes the are!
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    UPS Cost Accounting accrues employee charge per hour worked based on a geographic average. There would be no incentive to the center manager for having employees with or without insurance ... cost would be the same.
    The reason this accounting practice is used is to keep this type of alledged behavior from happening.
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    GREAT line, LOL
    And to the OP, you are not paranoid. They really are after you. :happy-very: :happy-very:
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    Finally, a snippit of sanity! Thanks Cachsux :)