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  1. mainebrown

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    i was wondering where i can find a ups hat thats fitted, that is an unstructured fit. I asked my building if they can order me one, but they said they can't get them.
  2. rod

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    save your money. after a week it will be all sweaty and dirty anyway.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You don't say whether you are a driver or an inside employee. In our center, the baseball-style hats are given only to the drivers; however, you can order UPS merchandise from our employee website, Go to "Our Company" and then click on UPS Merchandise, which is on the left side of the page.
  4. Cementups

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    There are new hats available that are fitted, but they are actually a stretch hat that looks lie fitted.
  5. BrownPR215

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    I have a "fitted" hat (actually a flex fit hat) from a local embroidery place here in Philly. $15.
  6. Dirty Savage

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    Yeah, that's what we did at our centre as well. When I asked for an official UPS hat from the uniform list, the thing they gave me was so ridiculous looking that no self-respecting person would be caught dead in it! I mean, that thing would fit a basketball!

    So we asked around at local embroidery shops and found one to make us some hats. Baseball-style with adjustable velcro straps. $8 a piece or so because we bought in bulk.
  7. drew06

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    Do you think that any embroidery place would do it?
  8. grgrcr88

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    Most embroidery places will not copy any registered trade mark without a liscence from the company. Unless you get lucky, or have alot of money.
  9. jbomb1010

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    Did the embroidery shops have the actual UPS brown colored hats or did you have to supply those yourselves? I agree, the ones we are given in our building are crap!