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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Sky, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Sky

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    What are the typical working hours for a UPS Customer Service Representative? In addition, what are the benefits and pay like?

    Thank you!

  2. Harley Rider

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    Do we even have any customer reps still working for the company? Been so long since I have ever run across one that I don't know. UPS has outsourced so many positions in the last few years it is hard to keep up.
  3. scratch

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    I thought they changed their name to "Business Development" or something like that. I'm not sure, I haven't had one talk to me in so long.
  4. bad company

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    Scratch - I believe you are referring to our account executives (sales reps) who are also known as BD or Business Developement.

    I believe the original post was in reference to a position with CSR who are responsible for interacting with customers via our toll free number that is listed on info notices and listed on our website -- 1 800 PICK UPS.

    Unfortunately, I do not know whether or not that service is contracted out to a vendor or if it is maintained internally by UPS.
  5. scratch

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    Bad Company, You may be right. A long time ago, a Customer Service Rep was the term used for the Sales Rep that would go out and visit customers and set up new accounts. Now they want us to turn in sales leads for them. Since I am a mainly residential driver, I don't have as many oppurtunities as you do to turn in sales leads. Its been a while. I think I have $0.46 on my American Express card.
  6. Sky

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    That is the position I was referring to. Thanks!
  7. ikoi62

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    oh that job..
    thats the job that will tell the customer that all drivers return to the building at 5pm and you can go pick your package up.
    or yes the driver has all the supplies on his truck including box's for your pick up.
    i can go
  8. Sky

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    Okay, thanks. What sort of compensation does one receive for this position? Is this a Mon-Fri position? What hours can one expect to work?
  9. Channahon

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    If you are really interersted, apply for the job. Your questions would be answered, as pay rates and hours vary by district needs. Good Luck
  10. JustTired

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    customer service..................isn't that an the old "military intellegence" deal? Just an observation and not strictly limited to UPS. If you can't speak with a foreign accent and work for peanuts, odds will be against you. Good luck!