Customer stealing pkgs

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ExupserNaples, Oct 25, 2007.

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    "Shouldn't leave that bulk head door unlocked(pretty simple)."

    Uhhh, the report said the driver left the *side* door open, and the theif *broke into* the package car.

    (Pretty simple) to just blame the driver I guess....
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    I broke into the shiny UPS truck and all I got was this lousy dental equiptment.
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    I agree with ovah 9.5 your already looking for a solid branch with that rope in hand!!!
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    another reason not to wash the package cars.
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    "I didn't steal nuddin"
    Dan the man was convicted of stealing cases of womens' bloomers from a brown UPS truck. "They weren't just any bloomers, they were my favorite, yellow daffodils with green stems and pink lace."
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    "Im sorry officer, I was just trying to start my own DISH Network Box Collection!"
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    I guess I should have clarified this. The truck was parked at the center, after the driver finished for the day. I used to work there, and there is no security except from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Another thing I always questioned, but nothing was ever done about it is where we left the high value packages. We were always told to leave them basically outside under a roof canopy. Sometimes when you got in early, there were no clerks around, and these high values were outside the front of the building about 50 feet off the road..:lol:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I bet you if this guy somehow got a set of browns via Ebay or something, and a rental van, he could load up and drive away without anyone noticing...well in our Center almost non-existent...
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    Same in our center. Security is nonexistant. People walk in off the street, throw packages on the belt and walk out. Management has done nothing to stop them even after being alerted to the situation. What will it take, a browntail being blown out of the sky?
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    are you bigPaul?
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    agree also