Cutting to the Bone, Customer Service?

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    Ok Friday as at most UPS buildings is cut routes friday.

    They cut the routes around me I end up loaded with business stops.
    Now I do my last Biz stop at 510, I know they are open past 5 so no worry, but its not my normal stop.
    They on most days get their stuff before noon so you can just think how happy they are to see me at 510. Tell me their regular driver get there early why cant I? I make the delivery and do the pick up at the same time, you can see how this would make them happy but what else can I do.

    I explain that when they cut his route I end up with more work and someone has to come last, and the plan sends me to them last.
    They call in a Corp. complaint, guess who is to blame for them calling in the complaint? Yep me, how? I told the truth, cant have that at UPS.

    I have said it before I will say it again, we are a company built on customer service. When we lose that we lose the reason we were built on. And somewhere Fred Smith smiles and takes our work.
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    You gave them to much info to start. If a customers ask why you are so late you tell them that your busy not the company is cutting routes, etc.

    You are not going to get in any trouble so what are you worried about. People call in complaints every day I had a customer call Monday to say I didn't knock on there door and they wanted me to go back. Too bad for them I had a Sup with me that day that was at the door when I knock and filled out the delivery notice.

    You need to understand something everyone thinks that they are the only one that getting a package that day. As long as you get there before the business closes it on time unless it a EAM, NDA, or a NDAS.

    Customer service has little to do with how people :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: there products these days most of it has to do with the price.
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    I have been known to pay extra for UPS to deliver my stuff.
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    I would pay extra for better protection for the items I ordered first. I worked inside for 3 years and after that, I typically encourage people(family) to buy locally than using UPS or fedex, i have seen too much damage for my liking
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    Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot.
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    Tell me again why I wouldn't tell them the truth?

    If the company doesn't want the customers to call in complaints then they shouldn't do things that make the customers call in complaints.

    I am not lying to anyone to cover managements ass.
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    Dead on. I absolutely refuse to sugar coat the bullshiz.
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    Hummm, if you receive something broken from someone like summit racing and it is broken do they make you keep the broken item or do they ship out another item? Get what I am saying. I ordered from summit once and it was broken, I took it to the center managers office before I went on road that day and asked him how he wanted me to sheet it. Lol Two days later a new item and I was happy. Sometime things get broken but for the most part the box takes the licking.