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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by yeldarb, Jan 23, 2007.

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    If UPS issues a damage call tag, are they taking accountablity for the damage? About 2 weeks ago, I delivered 8 boxes to a house, where they were moving in. It looked as though everything was just thrown in a box and shipped, and I had a damage call tag for odds and end type things. I think it was just poorly shipped if not already damaged. Does anyone know if there is any investigation?
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    If they are poorly packed, UPS will refuse the claim. I have got into a couple of situations where a UPS Store poorly packed boxes for people moving and all the fragile stuff is broken. We didn't pay for any glass items either. UPS will also look at the true value of an item, and adjust the claim accordingly.
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    No they are not accepting responsability. Damage call tags are issued now because they don't send rep's out to inspect package's anymore like they did years ago.
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    I'm left with the impression UPS does not recognize a business relationship between the consignee and company, any obligation would be to the shipper. As a result, I suspect the call tag routed the damaged goods back to the point of origin for inspection if sent through a third party. So not only would the consignee probably not receive compensation for damage based on your description. But their damaged goods which may or may not contain sentimental value no matter what condition would now be stranded back at the point from which they moved. Just another thought.