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    Hi Everyone,

    I used to work at UPS and now I need a little help from anyone out there that can give it to me. I received a package of a coffee table and 2 side tables about 2 weeks ago. It was shipped from Pennsylvania to Connecticut. I was not home when the delivery guy came so someone at the office of my apartment building signed for it. If I had been home, I would have definitely checked for damage before the driver left because the box was completely beat up and there were chunks from the box missing. So, when I got the package and took out the contents every single piece in the box was damaged. I contacted the shipper and they put in a damage claim and someone contacted me and did a phone inspection. However, today I was informed from the shipper that the claim was denied because the box wasn't sufficient to support the product's weight.

    I am 99% sure that if the box was just put on the belts and carried to the trucks carefully (as it has FRAGILE stamped all over it) the box would have been more than sufficient to prevent damage. I should add that there was plenty of bubble wrap layered in the box and each piece of furniture in the box was wrapped in bubble wrap as well. Being that I have worked for UPS, I know that packages are very rarely treated with enough care, even if they do have Fragile on them. If there is anyone I can talk to or any numbers to call or any advice someone can give me I would extremely appreciate it.

    My tracking number is: K120 584 2981 if that helps anyone.
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    What you need to do is call the shipper back and tell them you paid them for an undamaged table, you expect to have one.
    UPS will not even deal with you on this and don't let the shipper tell you different. You have to make the shipper responsible to you, they have to make UPS responsible to them. If UPS denies the damage claim for insufficient packing, that is between UPS and your shipper.

    one other thing, until this is all settled , keep all your packaging, inside and out.
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    If the shipper told you that UPS denied it because of their packaging, that responsibility should fall solely on them. They essentially admitted fault.
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    I have yet to see a box that is strong enough to take the weight of a table etc. The boxes they come in from manufacturers are wholley inadequate for sending by courier. Even a double/triple walled box isnt much use as once the structure of the card is broken down from lifting/moving the heavy item its as good as useless.

    I wouldnt dream of sending anything like that via a courier, pallet service all the way
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    Yea, is it a more of mom and pop thing or a major manufacturer? I can see the mom and pop using a box they get from wally world not a UN spec box.....on one of the panels (if it is) itll be a cirlcle say spec crust test (or edge crush test) certain amount of pounds? And how much did all this weigh? Its suggested if its above a certain amount weight that it gets strapped and banded or shrink wrapped.....
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    That shipper number tells me that that may be an ASD label. Was that a handwritten label? Just from my experience if that was not an original, unused box it would have a 1Z number instead. It shouldn't matter but if the items were not packed in an unused and strong enough box you will not get any help from UPS. I know, I process damages, the best thing to do is deal with the shipper, they are ultimately responsible for adequate packaging. Good Luck!
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    Did you tell UPS and the shipper that you did not sign for the package in the first place? I would think that may help.

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    This package was 141 damn pounds !!!!!

    This just goes to show that UPS is pushing the delivery weight range way too high. I hope you get everything worked out.
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    Its simple, pack it back up and call UPS and refuse it, its damaged. I would next call my credit card company and dispute the charges.

    Most of this furniture is made overseas and packed in thin corrugated cardboard made from trash. The shipper needs to eat the claim because of poor packaging. I really don't think we should be in the furniture delivery business. My father had a furniture store, everything was moved by truck and never saw a conveyor belt.
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    Thank you everyone for your insight and advice, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I will be to finish this endless battle that I've been having for the last 3 months with the furniture company (part of the reason the tables were shipped in the first place) quickly.