Damaged packages !!!!!

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    Here's the story !!

    UPS has told all us drivers that we can NEVER scan a package as REFUSED-DAMAGED since the new year (about).

    I have had countless packages that were ruined with sloppy handling that resulted in the product inside the box getting damaged. UPS is worried that we are scanning just ruined boxes as REFUSED-DAMAGED when the product inside is in good shape still.

    Last week, I had a delivery from Urban Outfitters which was a picture frame. (Don't know why someone would want one from there but besides the point). When I deliver the box, it sounds like a 1000 piece puzzle set. I tell the customer that It's broken and I will send back and for them to email company saying it was broken on delivery. I have to sheet the package MISSED now and bring back to the center and write damaged on the package for the clerk.

    2 days later, The package returns on my truck for delivery (sans broken glass). On the box is a statement which I will quote "DAMAGE REPORT ON FILE, CALL UPS OR SHIPPER TO FILE CLAIM OK FOR DELIVERY THANK YOU"

    I could not believe that we would give the shipper a damaged delivery (which was a picture frame (a useless product with no glass)) !!!!!!!

    I personally did not deliver the box and wrote in large letters " REFUSED WILL NOT ACCEPT DAMAGED DELIVERY" Never saw the package since !

    Is this the way we have to conduct business now when we damage packages !! I am sick of hiding apparently destroyed products to our customers. Should I have left this box at their door and ran back to my car and act normal ?????
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    We are under orders not to record damaged pieces. They are 'Not Found' and upon return to the building they are written in the Class Two Exception book and given to the clerks
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    We where told to sheet damaged packages missed and put damaged in the comments. They don't want you to sheet the package damaged because once you do it automatically starts the claim process. So if you bring the package back and the clerk and they open the package and find it to be not broke then repack it and send it out for delivery the next day the claim is still be processed and paid for an item that wasn't damaged.
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    we were made to sign a paper stating we will never deliver a damaged pkg.... I would just keep bringing it back til it got sent back to the shipper
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    We've been told we can open with customer and if it is damaged to sheet as REFUSED - DIDN'T WANT and put Damaged on service cross. Whenever I sheet one as MISSED and put DAMAGED in remarks with in 10 min I get a "why did u sheet that as missed?" either the remarks don't show up on their screen or they don't know how to look.
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    We are told to sheet them as Futures. Date the following day.
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    I do not sign anything. Per contract.
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    More UPS BS.

    The reason this is done if for accounting reasons. If a damage is found by the preload, a center is charged $15ish, if it is sheeted by a driver, the charge is $200ish (my numbers are probably wrong, but not by much...) My driver supe explained the whole thing during my last ride along. It's all about the bonus. Centers have a budget every year and part of the bonus is based on how well they meet the budget. A really easy way to go over budget is to have drivers find damages.

    In our center, if a preloader finds a damage, they get a small trinket and their name is entered into a quarterly drawing for an ipod. The more damages, the more times their name goes into the hat.

    The local sort is rewarding loaders for perfect walls in the same way.
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    I don't know how many times this has to be refuted. The MIP bonus a mgmt person gets is based on the overall company results. Every mgmt person gets the same MIP number. (Lately it has been around 2.0) The person then gets a bonus of their monthly salary times that MIP factor (2.0). A manager gets twice that. (or 4 times their monthly rate).

    The mgmt team QPR however could have elements based on damages etc. This may slightly affect their pay rate, but to a minor amount. Since the QPR has multiple items that they are rated on. And now, the overall rating factor is on a subjective scale their manager assigns to them. (Satisfactory, below, above).
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    I think the real reason for this, is that we have people doing the wrong thing for the right reason. We have directives from corporate to work on certain items we are weak in. Damages have historically been a weak point for UPS. We shouldn't be delivering packages that are damaged or suspected of being damaged. We should instead have those packages never loaded on the drivers car. They should be processed by the clerk in the center. They can then deal with what they find inside the package. If it is damaged, so be it. We then follow the proper procedure for a damaged pkg inside the center. In my opinion if UPS doesn't want us to use a code on the DIAD, then take the option away. However, keep in mind. If someone tracks a pkg, a driver may indicate damaged when it wasn't. After we repackage item and deliver, the information on the scans can cause issues for the shipper when they see delivered a day or so after it was listed as damaged.
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    we just keep bringing them out over and over again until the shipper gets tired of it
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    Why don't they put a non delivery option such as held for inspection or something in the DIAD?

    It is obvious from all the different instructions in different centers that there is no standard policy for this yet. I understand the reasoning behind it I just wish they would let us record the situation honestly.

    And I don't buy that it would be too hard to change in the DIAD.

    They changed signed for by reciever back to number 8 after thousands of drivers like me kept pushing the number 8 out of habit even after they changed it to pharmacy.
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    we are told here in lakewood to sheet obvious damages as "refused-did not want" and to put in notes -please inspect..and give to night clerk..ive had customers scream at me the next day that they never refused a package..its great
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    We have to sheet them as refused/ did not want. That opens up a can of worms as you might imagine. Working as directed.
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    oooops! As a cover driver I am not present at every PCM (due to working preload on some days) and never heard of this. Just last week I had a company refuse a box of sevin dust because every canister inside was busted. I sheeted as Refused-Damaged. They refused it BECAUSE it was damaged. Now, how am I suppose to keep up with the ever changing policies?
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    Whats really happening here is that UPS is once again trying to fix the symptom of a problem instead of the cause. It is all about numbers, someone in a big office decided there are too many damages so the way to fix it is not to reduce damages just reduce the number of them shown on paper!!
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    I've always heard that preload isn't even supposed to load damages. That's the way it was when I was preloading as well. And yet it's amazing how many damages get loaded anyway. :knockedout:

    I have also heard that if preload catches the damage that it is back charged to the previous handling location.
  18. dilligaf

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    There is at least 1 savvy customer here. LMAO I had a large flat screen TV for him. The box was obviously damaged. He refused it but wanted it noted in the diad that it was damaged. I had to show him that it was noted as such. :happy2:
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    I'm surprised "rattle ok" wasn't written on the box (lol).
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    I misread the title as "Damned Packages!!!!!!"