Days off to get Driver Helps Working?!?!?!?

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    Days off to get Driver Helpers Working?!?!?!?

    Does the stupidity ever stop? I mean seriously now they are offering the SAME freakin lazy upper drivers days off every week to get driver helpers work? I love how they are more concerned about the hours of driver helpers than the hours of a full time driver! I cant stand the way management is done in this company. Personally I think if you have the same bums taking days off that they dont have weekly get rid of them. All they do is cause more work for everybody else. Thats another thing give them days off and cut routes?!?!?!? Ok so why even give them the day off to send 20 people out with 9.5 dispatch and then yell and complain when they work over 9.5.

    How is it even a policy to keep giving drivers days off to get driver helpers to work? Do they not really realize how completely stupid that is? I guess realizing how stupid that is would just make to much sense. Just a little frustrated that they have screwed me the way they have but are sooo willing to help the driver helpers out. Im a full time driver and was told I CANT bump into preload or local sort, but we can sure bump driver helpers in cant we. PRETTY LAME!
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  2. cachsux

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    1) How many drivers in your center? 2) Where are you on the ladder? 3) When you get as high up as said "lazy upper drivers" would you have put in enough time to consider taking a day off here and there if your seniority will get it for you?

    Not disagreeing with you but might the years of abuse to ones body and spirit prompt those guys to take those days off?
  3. Johney

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    I hear the same thing from #100 on the seniority list when #3 goes home twice a week. Hmmm.
  4. cachsux

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    275 below me. Same here but there is plenty of work so its not keeping anyone from working and 24/6 operation means its not dumped on any specific person like the package folks get it.
  5. Bubblehead

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    If the top guys don't agree to take the day off, the lowest seniority drivers would have the choice to lay off or work as a helper for driver wages.
    Either way, the company will make their plan as to how many cars to run and they wont deviate from it.
    It's all about the stop per car metric right now.
    Perhaps the OP should learn the serenity prayer.
  6. Johney

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    cach, I hope you realize my post wasn't directed to you, but to the OP.He has to understand that high senior drivers will go home as opposed to doing an excessive amount of work, period. I'm guilty of it and I don't lose a second of sleep because of it. I paid my dues as a low senior driver for years, now when I can I will leave the 180 for the young guns as they were left for me years ago. This is the new UPS like it or move on. Call me lazy if you like(I hear it every time) I walk out the door.Doesn't bother me a bit, do your time and one day you will be that lazy driver.
  7. cachsux

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    No misunderstanding whatsoever, Johney. I do the same, although feeder so my route doesn`t get split into others routes, as those above me did at one time.
  8. 728ups

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    I'm 4 out of 54 in my center,and when the younger guys gripe about me leaving,or getting off at a decent hour because i have a pretty good route i am more than happy to remind them i was doing this when they were but a gleam in their fathers eye. The bottom 20 drivers were either not even born or were toddlers when i started.They can pay their dues the same as i paid mine


    None of you guys even know what Im talking about or probably even where Im coming from. My point is why is it that management wouldnt allow me to bump into preload or local sort when I was sitting here going broke, but we can do whatever we can to get driver helpers hours. I went 5 weeks with 5 days of work. Yep 1 day a week, and it was the SAME driver taking them days off so they could "GET ME IN." Get me in only to save from having to pay me unemployment. I never wanted to do unemployment at all but they took that option from me. 1 day a week is bascially 100 bucks. So you guys try going 5 weeks with 500 bucks and see how far you get with YOUR BILLS. YEAH that really pays the DUES doesnt it. I know the majority of you that read this post didnt understand where I was coming from. I have no problem with someone who has 30 years in wanting a day off, but when management does it to screw me I have a problem with it.
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    Its not that they always give the higher seniority drivers the day off. Management, and I don't blame them, will give the days off to the people that will always take them. They don't want to be calling a couple people and ask if anyone wants off when they know they can call a particular person who will always take the day off.
  11. whiskers

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    We have drivers bump into the the local-sort that I work on almost daily. Talk with a steward or call your business agent, and let them know what's going on.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There has been talk on the forum about some pension funds increasing their minimum hours requirement per year to 2000. This should quickly put an end to guys going home.
  13. cino321

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    I can't blame management if they find guys to go home, and they will always find them.

    Tell the stewards and business agents who is going home, and blame them when the pension and health funds are underfunded.
  14. Johney

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    I was thinking the same thing. Sounds to me like this guy won't file a grievance because he is definitely getting screwed.HULK file if you are low man on the driver pole and they have no work driving, you have a right to bump both sorts I believe to get your 8. Now if your cover I think you can only do 1 shift. Do like whiskers says, talk to your steward or call your local.
  15. Johney

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    What does a driver going home have to do with the pension being underfunded?
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Pension contributions are only made for hours worked. Contributions are not being made for drivers taking dead days. If this were not the case why are some pension funds contemplating raising the hours requirement to 2000?
  17. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    We`re not disagreeing with you Hulk. But you do realize you`re talking to people who were in the same place you are in one form or fashion when we were the bottom guys.

    And yes, at this stage of our career, we do take a day off here and there.
  18. grgrcr88

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    Hulk, if you are a full time seniority driver, you are guaranteed 8hrs work every day before any helper is put on the street. If you are not working and any helpers are. File for all time worked by every helper or your 8hr guarantee whichever is greater.

    In the case of not driving and no helpers working you have the right to displace 2 part timers. If they do not allow it, file for your time.
  19. Johney

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    I cant say how it is were you are, but here we have guys that take 2 days a week off and still have no problem making 1801 hours.
  20. TheDick

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    If ur full-time file for the hours. I'm not even top third of the list an i take days off. Ur center team is gonna give days off to whoever is the favorite and wants the day or whoever asks is advance.
    I do know where ur coming from as far as not working. I didnt work for a month and a half after the 97 strike. UPS is different now, its sucks to change and change some more but thats brown.

    I love it when the runner gunners usually the low guys get layed off for aweek or two cryin aboot no work, but those guys put the bar up high runnin off routes so the bid driver has to stay out all night for the same dispatch. Its a double edge sword. What really pisses me off is those 430RTB guys get pref treatment but the boss still wants leads? If these runners wouldnt pickup and deliver their accts at 1p to 3pm everyday, people might just ship with us.