Dead birds, fish, sonic booms and other things

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by toonertoo, Jan 4, 2011.

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    What gets me is that all the citizens are walking around like normal pointing to dead birds and whatever. Then come the investigators all dressed up in hazardous material clothes......just strikes me funny.
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    I ain't touching this one, tooner.
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    The Canadians probably did it.
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    Yea, this is all the talk in our area. Im not buying the statement that this was caused by fireworks on New Years Eve. I saw one lady there interviewed, "We have fireworks on the Fourth of July and no dead birds then". The fish kill and dead birds are about 100 miles apart, but this is just too wierd. There was bad storms in the area that night I believe, just not sure if in that exact town. Strange that there is mostly one species in both instances, but I have heard rumors of other species found as well.

    The dumbest thing stated was that all birds showed trauma.....duh!! They fell from the sky, Im sure that would cause trauma.
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    I bet some redneck got a new shotgun for Christmas
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    problem solved !
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    Comming soon : New episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" !
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    The answers may lie/lay(?) within this podcast
    On this podcast, Steve Gibson tells an interesting story how he built a sonic "dog killer" that he used to train a vicious dog in the neighborhood way back when he was young man. He also goes on to tell how he used it at school to "scare" seagulls right out of the sky by aiming it up in the air as the birds flew overhead. He claims in his story the birds where not killed, but I'm wondering otherwise. Someone may have taken this story and built their own, but even more powerful unit. Who know?
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    then what about the fish just 100 miles away ?

    This story may go in the X-files, along with the cows and the crop fields......
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    Someone strummed the harp wrong? Hmm ...
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    Haarp is a little deep for this girl, although It is mentioned many times in what I read. You tube has lots of vids, and its happened before, and I never heard of it.
    I think since they are flocking early, they got hit by a planet, or a meteorite, and the fish ate some who fell far out in the water and died from the radiation. There problem solved........
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    It is a sign of the End of Days....
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    2nd wave of Y2K (it was New years) !
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    I agree..........
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    Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now free to help us !!!
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