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    I lost my Mother 30 years ago, my Dad 10 years ago, my Father-in-law 4 years ago and now my Mother-in-law in on the downward spiral. It just makes a person feel like life is so short --all I can say is do what you have always wanted to do now because if you put it off it may be--no it will be-- too late.
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    Same situation with me but thankfully my mother-in-law is doing fine.
    My thoughts go out to you, your wife and family.

    Total agreement Rod.

    I read a book on retirement a few years back that had the reader list all the things they
    - have done in the past
    - like doing now
    - want to do in the future
    and find several things in those three lists that will bring joy and purpose to your being.

    The advice after doing all that was:

    Start doing them now ... don't wait until some point in the future
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    Nike had it right..............JUST DO IT !
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    There are all kinds of quotes that follow the logic of " Just do it". I couldn't find the one I like best but it is really close to this one by Helen Rowland:

    [h=1]“The follies which a man regrets most in his life, are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity.”[/h]
    Rod, I'm sorrowful for the events you and your wife and mother-in-law are going through. I hope the pain is minimum and the regrets are few.
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    If I were to think too long about this thread the weight would not only suffocate but also crush me.
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    We had a driver die this week on Tues. He had been off for heart surgery,recovered and went through therapy, and had been cleared to return to work. Tues was his first day back. His neighbors knew he was going back to work and thought it strange his truck was still in the driveway so late in the morn. They found him sitting in his chair, tv on, remote still in his hand. His uniform and lunch were on the counter ready to go.
    We talked about it and at least if his number was pulled he was in the comfort of his home and , apparently, went quick and peaceful.
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    You should do more than think. You only live once. Why do I remember a comment of that type from you more than once?
  8. menotyou

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    Rod, I am sorry for all you are going through. My best for your family.
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    First of all Rod...feel for ya...been through a few losses too.
    I get up at 5:30AM home at 9:30PM, weekends I play catch up,doing all the crap I had no time to do all week.
    I can't afford to retire yet,I guess I'll write my own obituary now.
    DS died quietly on the BC viewing the current events thread .
    He had his guitar case unlatched and his browser had the lyrics to "happy Trails" by Roy Rogers
    minimized and ready to go.
    Donations to the upper credit humane society in lieu of flowers.

    Dale Evans & Roy Rogers - YouTube
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    I actually have a blank form I got off a site and it's for writing your own obituary. There are times I'll ask the man a question and he forgets the I figured I'd write my own, so things are accurate and spelled correctly..

    I don't plan on a service of any kind.......everyone is so scattered around the country and it's too expensive to I want a good obit. to be copied and mailed out. I want the kind of write up where even my own kids will say, "I didn't know that!"
  11. cachsux

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    Something tells me that will be said quite a bit! Heck, have fun with it. Your centerfold with PlayBoy. Your affair with JFK, move over Maryiln. Your years with the CIA. Etc.
  12. DS

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    The secret rendezvous with upstate:wink2:
  13. menotyou

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    That right there is funny! :rofl:
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    +1 !! Nice job taking it to another level, DS!!!!
  15. menotyou

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    Can you believe I​ forgot to like that?