Death at Addison Hub

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    Today an employee in Loss Prevention was found dead in their office at the Addison Hub. Initial cause was heart attack.
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    What is sad is that my local has filed a grievance to try and make the company provide AED's (automatic external defibrillators) in the workplace, and UPS is fighting it . We had a driver die of a heart attack during the PCM at the Swan Island building in Portland last year, and an AED may very well have saved his life.

    The company will probably wind up spending more money fighting it thru the grievance procedure than it would cost them to just go ahead and buy them.
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    How much would it cost to bring a CPR Instructor in and have a class?

    OOPS!.....I forgot....we can't afford it.
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    I knew this LP perosn as we worked in the same building together for some time. Always fair, yes arguments happened, just as they do in other parts of this business, but never any grudges. But to turn this into a blame game against UPS is not right, at least not at this time and place make your own thread. People die of natural causes all the time.

    My families prayers go out to her family and friends as they make the arrangements to lay to rest one of our own.

    Thelus when you here the serviice arrangements, please pm me.
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    I new Vivian as well. I no longer am employed with UPS for we were 60 of the IT people layed off. When I was in IT I could go to her for anything and everything. She was a great listener, quick to react and on her toes. May god bless her soul and her family with His stregnth and love to grasp during their hard time as now. God Bles you Vivian you WILL be missed.