Death in Syracuse

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    Anyone know the details?
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    Very sad.
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    Wonder if the crosser was in the crosswalk?
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    I don't want to disparage the poor soul that has lost his life, but Erie is 8 lanes. It is a 45 mph speed limit, also. You don't often see people walking. The sun can really affect your eyesight depending on the time of year and day.
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    Was this individual hit by a UPS vehicle?
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    Man hit and killed by UPS truck while crossing Erie Boulevard East

    SYRACUSE -- A 62-year-old man is dead after he was hit by a UPS mail truck on Erie Boulevard East in Syracuse.
    It happened around 7:30 p.m. between Smith and Thompson Roads near Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse, in
    the 2900 block of Erie Boulevard.

    The man, identified as Raymond Breeze, was apparently walking across the street when he was hit, according
    to Sgt. Tom Connellan of the Syracuse Police Department.
    The driver of the mail truck, 57-year-old Thomas F. Stairs, stopped after hitting the man, immediately
    called 911, and stayed at the scene, said police.
    Investigators say the driver probably didn't see the man walking.

    The victim was taken to Upstate University Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.
    "Bad conditions, at dusk, your eyes are adjusting to the change in light so it's a difficult time
    of day," said Sgt. Connellan. "We believe he crossed in the middle of Erie Boulevard; he was not in
    the intersection. That could probably contribute to it because the driver probably did not expect
    having a pedestrian out in front of him."
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    So sad,lets hope that the fine people of Safety don't try and hang this poor bastard !! He is in enough pain right now !!
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    With a death involved, don't we immediately terminate the driver?
    Anyone work out of that building?
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    They probably have taken the driver out of service until the accident investigation is complete, but per the contract he cannot be terminated until the grievance procedure has been completed. Around here he would still be able to get his 8 hr gurantee working in the hub or preload at his driving pay rate.
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    Here, it would usually be the case that they would fire him. I hear he has been taken out of service pending investigation. Considering the area knowledge I have, I would tend to believe he will not be terminated because of the circumstances involved. The street, what the pedistrian was doing, the sun, the police report, and most importantly, the local he is in is pretty strong. He is in a different local than me. I will try and find out more info. What a horrible situation.
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    safety by choice, not by chance

    needs termination
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    Easy there tiger. It could be the pedestrian who took all the chances and lost. No action other than pulling him from service should be done until the investigation concludes.

    Really? The local he is in is the most important factor here? Implying that if his union is strong enough, he could and should just get a hand slap if he is at fault for KILLING someone?

    I think we both should put down the USvThem partisanship until the investigation concludes.

    In the mean time, his own fault or not, R.I.P. to the pedestrian.
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    Anybody wondering if the probability that this guy was approaching his eleventh hour behind the wheel as being a factor?
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    A cost of doing business when you force overtime?
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    Was the pedestrian on one? The police officer I heard said he crossed down the street (not at) the intersection. I took that to mean he wasn't on a crosswalk.
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    Big problem.......for the guy that got it. If he had crossed at the intersection, he'd be alive.....just maybe a little wet from the drizzle. Short cuts can cut short lives.