Dedicated UPS Man


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Yes, BUT shoulda just walked in the snow, and the obvious... wonder why he didn’t have cleats? I don’t like them either but they do help.


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“oops, wrong house. Can you slide it back over here please?”

Then they slide the package back to the driver across the ice and into traffic

clean hairy

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Warning letter coming!
Did not get close, firm grip, and lift by opposite corners and did not keep it in his power zone.
Failure to expect the unexpected.
Did not knock on the door, ring the bell, and announce UPS!
Failure to use proper hand to suface package handling.
Failing to work in a safe manner as shown by falling on the ice.
AND customer complaint he mishandled the package and damaged the contents!
YES, I really am an hourly, you just have to know how the enemy thinks!