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    Delivering Something Extra - New York Times

    SINCE 1907, United Parcel Service has been delivering packages ordered by consumers. Next week, the company plans to deliver packages they have not ordered, in a test of an effort to expand into direct marketing.

    Beginning on Monday, U.P.S. will experiment in five major markets with a service it calls Direct to Door, giving advertisers and retailers a chance to provide offers and product samples to U.P.S. customers. The marketing materials will come inside small boxes labeled Direct to Door Paks, and will be delivered to customers along with merchandise they actually ordered.
  2. Mike23

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    Oh god! The next step is we'll send out a catalog of all our 'UPS merchandise' to people who don't care. We'll be like Sears then!
  3. Washu234

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    I'm not so sure this is a great idea. Don't get me wrong, I know I'm on the other team, but regardless, if I were a business I'd use the competition just so I didn't receive extra crap with my order.
  4. Mike23

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    Hmm, I was just thinking, how much paper and ink is going into this joke? I thought we were SUPPOSED to be selling our, 'we're a green company'...Well, we don't look too green to me with all that wasted flier paper.
  5. shrimpfire

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    I use to think whatever ups did made money; now i am beginning to wonder about them
  6. pickup

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    Wait until you package guys have to deal with these goodie bags. You're gonna have leaking bottles of lotion greasing up the floors of your trucks and leaking bottles of perfume that will make your truck smell like a french whore house. Good luck explaining to your wives that lingering smell.
  7. freeloader

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    If I ever get a box of that crap, I'll make sure to toss it straight into the garbage can in the driver's presence so the message is clear that I don't want their junk mail. BTW is there any way to opt out of it?
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  8. pickup

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    Well, I read the article. this little test project is only going to be done in a few areas for a limited time. Chicago is going to be one of the five or six areas. Should be interesting to hear 705red's experience with whole thing.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I think he has more on his mind at the moment.
  10. pickup

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    "At the moment..." I think this experiment and its actual repercussions might dovetail into the current chapter that is being written
  11. brownIEman

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    Yeah, how dare this company test out an idea that might generate more union work, possibly solidify relationships with large shippers to protect volume and maybe gain more volume, thereby generating yet more union work. The very idea of testing an idea!!!!

    You guys are a bunch of Negative Nancies, you know that right?
  12. bluehdmc

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    I get enough "junk mail" from the post office, now I'm gonna get some with my shipment UPS delivers?
  13. freeloader

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    I don't see how it will generate more union work. From what I understand, they are only given to customers that are already receiving a package. So no additional work there. And it hasn't been mentioned whether the special offers will be for stuff that will get shipped via UPS. Some potential there but still sketchy.
  14. brownIEman

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    Someone will have to move the bundles of these packs through the hub and into each package car in the morning. It will likely not be done by direct marketing fairies. Unless direct marketing fairies is a euphemism for union preloaders.

    They will be targeting partnerships with large UPS shippers. The idea being to use the offers/coupons to generate UPS volume.
  15. Mike23

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    HEY! I resemble that remark! It's only going to our current customers so only our current customers will be annoyed with it. Sounds like it could backfire and we lose customers from it since they'll switch to FedEx to get ONLY what they ordered and not additional rubbish.
  16. MC4YOU2

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    It could be a good thing if what we are delivering is only something actually viewed as good in the eyes of the receiver.

    It sounds a lot like the ARS program though. An insignificant time allowance that is negated by the data entry process.

    When delivering one of the new Direct to Door Paks, you will enter the specials screen before completing the stop. From there, big arrow down three times to access the "really special" screen and little arrow to the left three times and down four more to the "Direct to Door Paks" window. While facing east, begin counting backwards from 100 out loud. At this time a floating duck will appear and you will see a "hunter and shotgun" icon float over the duck. Hitting your enter button at the exact time he is over the duck will result in a score of 1, or in actual time, about 2 seconds, or in other words a net time loss of 1 minute. Entering the Duck Hunter Mode without actually having a Direct to Door Paks delivery, will result in disciplinary action, up and including losing your buckshot.