DHL airplanes carrying UPS frieght???

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by joe-mechanic, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. joe-mechanic

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    I'm in ONT. A reliable source tells me DHL airplanes are flying in and out of March Airforce Base, in Riverside, CA. carrying UPS containers with UPS packages in them.
    Does pilot union know? is this true? and if so, those containers are getting there somehow, so, can any truck drivers confirm this.
    I see DHL airplanes leaving out of LAX also. I wonder what they are carrying???

  2. lazydriver

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    It's a military airbase? I would sometimes see military escort on some UPS planes carrying diplomatic cargo.
  3. dannyboy

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    Did you know that they were in negotiations with us to be the delivery company to do the last leg of their deliveries in the states, and that we would also pick up stuff going overseas?

    That just might be what you are seeing?

  4. Mike23

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    I bet it wasn't an escort. Our planes are probably like our trucks where everyone makes fun of how shabby they are. I bet the military guys were just going, 'whoa, how the heck do you drive that thing? Does it even HAVE a radio? What about AC? What?! No AC?'
  5. pudg00

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    DHL has a cargo facility at that base. March is a reserve base so parts of it are leased for commercial use.
  6. lazydriver

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    My dad was in the Air Force, before 9/11 when I did feeder runs to the airports I would be all over the tarmac and would take a tour of the aircraft. The UPS planes are more comfortable than a C5a transport.
  7. FedEX 4 Life

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    I thought that all fell through?
  8. storm4

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    I believe that we use other carriers when our planes are full or if there is a service deadline that has to be met and it cannot be met with our scheduled flights. I would imagine that if there were enough packages to justify another UPS flight on a regular basis, we would use our own planes as it would be more cost effective for us as well as more secure. Especially on international packages, with all the custom regulations, etc., we would much prefer to use our own resources.
  9. joe-mechanic

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    Update: Apparently UPS contracted Atlas to handle some UPS flights. Atlas, then contracted the flights to be handled entirely by DHL crew. Pilots, ramp, mechanics. I'm not sure about drivers. These are DHL airplanes carrying UPS freight operating UPS flights.

    Question #1: since the Pilot union took volunteer cuts, in the form of flight hours, leave of absense, due to reduced UPS flight schedule, are these DHL flights legal???

    Question #2: 52 mechanics were laid off between Feb and Apr. Now 87 Mechanics more are being laid off, between July and Sep, also due to less flights and grounding of aircraft. aren't these flights a violation of current contract???
    Total mechanic layoffs 139 out of 1005 that's almost 14%
  10. storm4

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    Is the union investigating?
  11. unionman

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    What a crock of sh#$! Multi billion dollar company like UPS has to have DHL fly our stuff in the U.S. Heard ATLAS was flying our packages into L.A. too. Where does it end?