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  1. T-Bone

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    I run a route at a mall where there are dozens of consignees. Each consignee is shown as a stop in my diad. However, all the consignees have the same address so my diad has many screens filled with the single mall address. To see what each line represents I have to select it and press the "details" soft-key. On two occasions over the last few months (once on a diad III and once on a IV), I pressed the scan button to wake it back up and lo-and-behold the consignees are listed where the street address was! If I could have it like that all the time it would make things much easier obviously. So, the big question is: how do I switch it from street display to consignee? Let me add that stops without any consignee assigned to them still show the street address. No one in my center has a clue.
  2. lvgolfer962

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    not a mall guy, but when the street names are cut in half and the back half is showing i use the small arrows on the very bottom of the diad(forget which one) and it moves the so i can see the first half of the street
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    Press Z, it will switch it from address to consignee
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    Press "Z". It toggles back and forth between consignee names and addresses.
  5. CustomerConcern

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    awesome tip....now how the hell do I get them to put my consignees in the board dang it.
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    Just ask lol
  7. T-Bone

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    Hey thanks! Of course it was something easy! (slapping forehead)
  8. barnyard

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    Thanks for the tip. Also works very well for delivering to an Army base that has 20-45 stops every day.
  9. thessalonian13

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    After you scan the package it should put you in the consignee line. There you should type in the first letter of the company name you are delivering to and it should show up... hit enter to go to next field...
  10. brownmonster

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    What he means is how do you get it to show up in EDD how many packages for each consignee. The center team can set it up that way. It isn't always 100% if the address label on the package is goofy.