DIAD Training Materials are now available on UPSers.com

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownracer, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. brownracer

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    All DIAD materials for DIAD IIIs and IVs, including DCS procedures are located on UPSers.com. Go to the main login page. Look to the right under "Quick Links" and select "Everything DIAD." Then when that page displays select the last link for "DIAD Procedures." This takes you to the I-Gate login. After logging in, the DIAD Procedures page under POSG will open. All DIAD training and user materials are saved in these folders.

    The folders include all the "Made Simple!" quick guides, information on each DIAD release including the driver training handouts. Also included are all the helper training materials.

    These materials are not accessable by the general public, but every operation should have access to I-Gate (either from UPSers.com or directly through I-Gate/POSG.)

    If you have any problems accessing these materials please email me back.
  2. harvestmoon

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    i know this is an older post but where can i find this diad training? i looked but couldn't find anything...
  3. brownracer

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    This link was removed from UPSers.com. The DIAD training can be accessed from I-Gate, under Corporate POSG, then the DIAD/DCS webpage.
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    so technically there is no way for us to access it?