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    January 18, 2010: UPS will start field-testing its latest DIAD later this year. The DIAD V is about half the size and weight of the current version. Brown has partnered with Honeywell to add new bells and whistles, some small and some that may dramatically change life at UPS—especially when combined with other new technology like telematics.
    [​IMG]DIAD V will include a color, auto-focus, flash camera to use for proof-of-delivery. (Hopefully, it will also help drivers document when supervisors are handling packages and doing our work!)
    The new DIAD also has a color display and much more memory. UPS says it will be able to use DIAD to download training videos to all drivers simultaneously. More ominously the company says future applications will include “maps” and “navigation.”
    Teamsters need to be aware. Some aspects of new technology make our jobs easier. But management also has another agenda. They want to dumb down our jobs to try exert more control over drivers and make us more replaceable.
    Telematics technology lets management track where we’re driving. Our DIADS may soon tell us where to drive.
    The best protection for UPS drivers has always been to follow the methods and work at a safe and even pace. That will become even more necessary as management rolls out new technology.
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    Old news my friend, see other thread.
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    True but isn't this paranoid concern new?
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    Oh, I'm not sure Hoax. LOL (my sig.) :peaceful:
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    We as drivers are pretty close to maximum efficeincy. They can only speed our performance up so much. That is why you see UPS cutting people who do not have a positive $ impact on the bottom line. The consolidation of regions, districts, etc is only the begining of management staffing reductions. Big brown mgmt eats their own. This technology was supposed to: and has helped the drivers be more efficient. Pretty soon; all dispatches will come from Atlanta and we will have one full time sup to every three we had before. So be it. I just want the company to be profitable.
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    The economy is and has been horrible and UPS continues to be profitable even in the hardest hit economically parts of the country. As I have said before; we are not lucky to have our jobs: we work ourselves to the bone for this company and our wages, benefits, etc.. Hand out UPS applications at unemployment offices or to other underemployed or displaced workers and see how long they last.
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    not new at all Hoax, this branch of the paranoia tree goes right along with telematics and Uncle EDD.