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  1. econometrick

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    Hi I've worked over 30 days without signing any seasonal contract paperwork but I did sign the seasonal intent list. My union steward say it's a gray area if I try to grieve for a full time position. IIRC they make us seasonal drivers sign a contract before they put us on road. Anyways does anyone know what the rules are on this issue?
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    the rule is don't sign anything ever
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    IIRC....... Goodness I have been seeing that a lot lately. Had to google it finally.

    Would be interesting to see the English language in a few hundred years.
  4. At least ask a steward before you do or don't.
  5. Bagels

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    Your supplement or rider spells out restrictions regarding seasonal driving. Usually a "free period" is listed. I'm unaware of any rider/supplement that requires you to sign a document to be considered seasonal, and even if there was your signature on the seasonal intent sheet may be sufficient.

    You can try grieving but I doubt it'd go far.
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    I sign NOTHING!!!! And anything they say I HAVE to sign, I print my name and write UP in a circle next to it (Under Protest), usually with a union steward present.
  7. Bagels

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    Does it make a difference if you sign something or not? UPS will use it against you either way.
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    Grieve it. You have nothing to lose.
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    It doesn't matter if you sign anything or not. Your still accountable for whatever. And signing under duress wont fly because your not. If you don't think you will have to sign anything to go flip burgers or anything else for that matter, your delusional as well. Here's a novel idea, go start your own company and make your own rules. Problem solved.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The language regarding the use of seasonal drivers was changed in the new national contract; however, although the national did pass, it has yet to be ratified as there are still local supplements being voted on. The company and union have reached a side agreement in some areas to abide by the new language which basically extends Peak by two weeks and allows the company to continue using seasonals without having to create FT positions.l

    You do not have any basis for a grievance.

    For those of you who say don't sign anything-----it doesn't matter whether you sign it or not, you will still be expected to comply with the directive contained therein.

    IIRC sounds like a division of NASCAR.
  11. ChickenLegs

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    Yes he does. If there was a side agreement that was legitimate and not a back door deal his steward would know about it. At the very least it's a interpretation issue, a "gray area" which is basis for a grievance.

    You wouldn't know because you've only filed twice in your 25 year career, and you filed for YOURSELF. Who would've guessed?
  12. PiedmontSteward

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    If it's a run-of-the-mill disciplinary document, then it doesn't make that much of a difference. The company can always put "REFUSED TO SIGN" and even pursue progressive discipline (up to and including termination) for insubordination. An employee's signature only verifies that the member acknowledged the entry/document being added into their employee record and that language is there to actually protect the member from having documentation added to their file without their knowledge.
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    Are you a PTimer that is seasonal driving or a off the street hire.

    If you go to the Teamster Web site it only says the national agreement does not take effect until all regional supplements and riders have been approved. It says nothing about those regional supplements and riders that already have been approved being in effect of not.
  14. PT Car Washer

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    Black and white not grey. If the company likes you and you are doing a good job and there is a position open or soon to open you are in. If not, sorry you are a seasonal employee.
  15. Anonymous 10

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    You don't have to sign anything except dot hazmat dvir wnd OSHA. Everything else is an extra contract agreement. Article 6.
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    PTimer - I'm in a local that hasn't even voted on our rider but the steward has mentioned an agreement that allows seasonals into the second week of January. My issue is I sign all sorts of bid sheets and I sign up for seasonal every time it's offered to get the experience driving an keep skills sharp for when I actually get a job. Every previous seasonal period I've had to sign paperwork to disclose my driving record and to cOmply with all ups rules including an agreement that I wouldn't accrue seniority. This year I haven't been presented with any such paperwork even though other ptimer seasonal drivers have been require to sign them.
  17. Bagels

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    The "agreement" not to accrue seniority is not an agreement, but more of an FYI-type agreement UPS has you sign off so there's no misunderstanding later. Of course, you've done seasonal before. The contract dictates the "free period." And you signed up for seasonal driving. No grey area here, not short cut into a FT job -> you'e welcome to file a grievance, but I'd be surprised if it even made it beyond a phone call to you from your BA.
  18. PiedmontSteward

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    I saw two guys fired for refusing to sign documents that weren't in the list you wrote in your post. One came back and one didn't -- the guy that came back had a clean record and his seniority was taken into account. The other guy had baggage and didn't come back.
  19. Are you sure there wasn't a form on the application? Did you submit online? I'm a seasonal driver as well, and when submitting my application online I had to acknowledge a screen saying that my employment is seasonal and can be terminated at any time...
  20. Bagels

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    He's an incumbent employee. If he drove prior to peak last year, his mandatory paper work was already current.


    I work as a helper and every year UPS has me sign a form agreeing to three things: (i) it's for a fixed rate - not my normal hourly rate, (ii) it's extra work - if UPS believes it's interfering with my primary job, it can remove me from helping at any time; (iii) my ability to work as a helper is solely at UPS's discretion if it is to exceed eight hours per day. Guess what? This is just reiterating what the contract states. Some years I haven't been presented with the form until a month after I've been helping, and some years I haven't gotten it at all. UPS presents the form as a formality & for their (to make a hearing easier) and my (to prevent confusion) convenience. It doesn't matter if I receive or sign the form -- simply by working for UPS (and thus being bonded by the CBA), I agree to those restrictions. I'd make a fool out of myself if I were to grieve for my normal hourly rate (instead of $12.88) because I didn't receive/sign the form for a month.