Did you work your butt off when you first started?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by RCplaneMan81, Jun 7, 2007.

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    there's this guy in my hub that started about a year ago. ever since day one he's been on a mission to fully work himself everyday. after one week of being hired, he was unloading trailers in 50 minutes all day long. during peak, the management had him loading 6 trailers, lol. right now he's in the pre-load, loading 3 trucks like everyone else, but management has him also taking care of all the mis-sorts, lol.

    i dont think he knows that he actually doesn't have to work as hard as he's working and i kindof want to tell him that he doesn't have to just incase he wants to take it easy.

    when you guys started, did you do more work than you actually had to do?
  2. aspenleaf

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    Maybe he likes the exercise and knowing that he gives his all each day. Some folks were raised that way. Unless he is unsafe I'd let him keep doing what he doing as it seems to work for him.

    When I first started it was during peak and I felt that I "ran" the whole sort. I did whatever I was told and I think the whole first 30 days I just said "Yes" to my supervisor. I did not question her and sometimes she could tell I did not agree and she would ask me and I would just say "you told me do X and you did not ask for my opinion." Now of course I still do as told but I let them know what I think.:wink:

    I do see the new hires on my line doing more and I think after they hit thier 30 days they slow it down a bit just to not burn out. We don't have anyone on the line that is lazy and we all work together to get wrapped on time.
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    I think a lot of it has to do with how you were raised, what motivates you, what your mindset is, what your goals are. Having the self satisfaction that you know you have done your job to the best of your ability.

    I remember when I was younger, I would always work balls to the wall. I would catch flack over it from others, some would say I was trying to make them look bad by working hard, but that was far from the truth. My goal wasn't to make others look bad. That was the way I knew how to work, thats how I was raised.

    While I have aged and slowed down abit, I still try to work to the best of my ability. For me it is the self satisfaction that I know I have done my job to the best of my ability. Shoot, when I am home, I work just has as hard as I do at work and don't even get paid for it.

    I wouldn't say anything to him/her. As long as they are doing their job correctly, let them go. Most likely that is the comfort zone they are accustom to.
  4. lost

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    After ten years I still give it my all everyday.
  5. diesel96

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    I've had many young guns and rookies complaining to me in my pkg car days why do they get 160/170 stops when they run my route,and when I run it I only get 130.
    I flat out told them to because of your personality,and your willingness to,run(not walk),skip lunch,dr pkgs like a paperboy(getting no signatures),drive fast with bulk head doors open,etc..ect..Your Dispatcher/Mgr will continue to dispatch you with 10hr days as long as you keep coming in at 8/9 hrs.Also when you get done too early,chances are you be sent to help other drivers.
    Now if thats the way you want it,fine,but stop whining to me your always being taken advantage of.Work safe ,by the book,and if you can't make business or 9five p/u the phone eveyday and call the center.They will eventually have to adjust because you put your footdown.
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    No.when I first started I had 30 stops,2 pickups,a 3 hour lunch,and they paid me 12 hours,boy was I blessed or what:lol:
  7. Cole

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    I gave it everything I had then and continue to do so all these yrs. later. We should give 100% all the time imho. My 100% may not be what yours is as I think 100% is doing the methods, and keeping a brisk pace, but never running, unless lightening is striking or a car is coming;) Also taking my lunch between the 4th and 6th and taking it everyday. Being calm with aggravating customers.
  8. Channahon

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    I would guess this employee is aware of how everyone else in the area does their job. He chooses to work his butt off and probably feels good when he leaves at the end of his shift.

    A lot of people in the working world, feel the same way - UPS or not
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    Lord Help Us This young generation just dosen't want to work. I would never dream of doing some of the crap they pull. No call, no show, late, and then just show back up to work like nothing ever happend. Like they alway's say Your attitude can regulate your altitude in a company!!!!
  10. toonertoo

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    I would agree with all of you on the work ethic, and I would agree also on swn drv comment of its nice to see young people actually work hard. Not all of course, but many do not know how to work. Soft. I give 100 % every day, it doesnt look like I do, but I do. If I could do it safer, faster better I would, that is why we work where we work. I will give all I got, and push myself some days to go faster, and I catch myself making too many mistakes. Id rather look mediocre, and not have accidents, not misdeliver, and not get complaints or look or act unproffesional.
    Diesel says "Your Dispatcher/Mgr will continue to dispatch you with 10hr days as long as you keep coming in at 8/9 hrs.Also when you get done too early,chances are you be sent to help other drivers."

    I agree totally. And while I would love to go help other drivers, I am not among the ones who gets to go help out. And I never ran 2 hrs early because you cannot safely, unless someone really messed up a time study. Or you are killing yourself, and I do not believe you have to do that to give a fair days work.. The ones I have seen do that, in their 30s and late twenties are having shoulder, neck, back and ankle surgery. At the end of the day did those two hours they gave the company every day, pay for the medical and the comp. And was it worth it to screw yourself up for life, to be a star.
  11. rod

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    I could probably count on one hand the number of days out of 30 years and 27 days that I don't feel like I gave the Brown Machine an honest days work. There was one day I was really hungover (after a Union meeting) and a couple of days I had the flu and should of stayed home. Can't forget a day or two I was so :censored2: off (see going postal thread) that I just shifted into low gear for the hell of it. But even on those days I still got the job done. I think I deserve a cookie.
  12. toonertoo

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    You do deserve a cookie, Ill send you some frozen macadamia cookie dough, (fund raiser) and when you get a chance you can bake it, or Ill send you some when I get around to baking them:lol:
  13. NHDRVR

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    I think you simply work as hard as your body allows you to on any particular day. If you enjoy the exhaustion and are trying to drop some weight than more power too you. But....Don't question why you are doing more than you feel you should, or why management thinks you are the best choice to get something done on your shift. Your going full throttle (hopefully in a safe fashion) and they are saving money by having you do the work.

    When I started driving, 15 or so years ago, I don't think my feet touched the ground. (If you want to make a fast enemy try burning up a senior drivers house-call run.) My body finally told me to keep doing the work I would have to maintain a happy medium that "I" set. Not "them". I work hard, but, and this is most important, I work smart. If most drivers would take a second to slow down and think about what they are doing instead of how fast they can get it done there would be less injuries and accidents. Unfortunately, that doesnt fit into the O.R.'s.
  14. MR_Vengeance

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    i never met a rabbit who loves what he's doing, he's running because he just wanna go home.
  15. MR_Vengeance

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    call it the generation kill.........video games and cellphones, easy money and Paris Hilton, what more can i say?
  16. Fredless

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    Maybe he enjoys looking at himself in the mirror and realizing that he did give it his all.

    Personal pride is why there are any decent employees at UPS. I could be a POS like half the guys I've been having to answer for, they make the same amount of money I do, if not more - but I just wasn't raised that way.

    It keeps me motivated in college. I enjoy working at UPS for the most part, i'd still be drag assing in school or not in it if it wasn't for this place.
  17. hiatt21

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    Hey all, I consider myself a hard worker. I started almost 2 months ago. A couple times I thought I was going to pass out. I am 21, and I work hard as possible if it is something physically related, I just love the beat down I am dying feeling at the end of the shift. For some reason I like the pain.
  18. HazMatMan

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    After 19 years, I make it my job to do less than nothing.....:thumbup1:
  19. dillweed

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    tooner, you may not look like you're working as hard as you do because you're so darned good. Many of us at UPS can get an enormous amount of work done without looking spastic because we are methodical and experienced. It takes time to get comfortable with a job, learn the shortcuts and calmly kick butt. dw
  20. olympicking

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    You sound like some of the lazy teamsters at my building. You must be an article 22.3 worker. That's whats wrong with the company, people not having work efforts. After 8 years I still small sort over 2800 per hour, unload in less then 50 min, # 1 primary sorter in the building, and can preload five cars during peak. I work harder now then when I started.