difference between preload and sort?

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  1. just wondering if u guys could tell me what exactly preload is and what sorting is. the hr has asked me if i want 5-10pm or 3-8am shift. i hear from some that preload gets $1.00 an hour more for skilled work. whats this all about? and is preload 3-8am? so does that mean i start out at 9.50 an hour? please help, i gotta call in soon with answer. thanks
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    Its difficult to explain since I don't know what type of building you are in. Preload is almost the same no matter where you are. I'll use my small center as the example. The preload has one unloader that unloads the trailers. He/she doesn't get an extra dollar. The rest of the people grab the packages off the belt that have been unloaded and load them on to the package cars. They get the extra dollar. There is probably a clerk on the shift too.

    Our night shift is called reload. It's 5:00 to roughly 9:45. The shift is pretty much the exact opposite of preload. We have two people that sort packages for the extra dollar. One sorts the packages on the belt and the other sorts the smalls. Where you are might be bigger or smaller so it might be different but in general it wont be too different.

    Which shift people choose depends on what the rest of their day conisists of. School or another job. I've worked preload many times and I didn't like my alarm clock going off at 3am to go to work so I stuck with working nights. If it's all about the dollar for you than I'd find out which shift you'll most likely be able to get to that dollar the quickest. Most importantly make sure that the dollar isnt going away any time soon due to "technilogical change". It's happening all over.
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    Preload employees load the trucks, two or three at a time. You are responsible for knowing hundreds of streets and the sequence numbers to go with them, and where on the truck to load them. If you have a sharp memory the job will come easy for you. A new system called "preload assist"is on line in most ctrs. It's supposed to facilitate the job to where someone comming off the street could load three trucks at a time. If you a working in a HUB, sorting, charging or picking off, are different terms for spliting pkgs coming down or off a belt. another memory intensive task. These jobs require skill, thats where the extra dollar comes from.
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    Regardless of what shift you choose, just know this...IT'S HARD WORK!
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    nice thing about preload is, you have your days to go to school or another job like I did until I went fulltime. Oh, and no working on FRIDAY nights like the local sort.
  6. is there a wait for the preload where you are making the extra $1.oo an hour? do u have to have a certain amount of senority?