Direct deposit / new way to punch in


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Last week our center just started having us put our id number in our diad under our name instead of our social #.
I have a direct deposit and for the the first time ever I cant view my check on
Dont know if its a glitch, or my pay id %$#&*% up again. Or maybe they are a day behind due to the 4th last week.

Anyone have any insight?


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Uh, this is a subtle way of telling you YOU DON'T WORK HERE ANYMORE!!!!!!

Now GET OUT!!!!!

Kiddin, probly a glitch. Give it some time.


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There is a new payroll system that is coming out company wide. It is called GTS(Glosbal Timecard System) and it is replacing the old obsolete timecard system that we have been using for years called PTE. It is ran off of your Employee ID and not off your SSN. In fact, your SSN will be used for nothing once the new payroll system is fully implemented.