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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BearcatShane09, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. BearcatShane09

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    I just set up my direst deposit on collected a live check my first 3 years with UPS) but I didn't tell anyone in HR at UPS and I was wondering how long it might take for my direct depsoit to start working?
  2. Kae3106

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    It can take up to two weeks to become effective. You don't need to tell anyone in HR as this information is automatically fed to the payroll system. When you first set it up on, the first payroll goes through what is called the prenote process which verifies the account is valid and you didn't typo when you entered it. After that, your pay will be direct deposited as you requested.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    BearCat, when you set up your direct deposit did you happen to notice the option to go "paperless"? This would mean that you would not receive a paper paystub and would need to go to on payday to verify your paystub. I have been paperless direct deposit for as long as I can remember and have not missed the paper paystubs. The only one that you really need is the end-of-year paystub which may be used to prepare your income taxes.

    I chuckle on Thursday mornings when the checks are late getting to the center and the guys get all nervous. By the time I leave for work I have already checked my paystub and updated my checking account.
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    I would wait until you stop receiving a live check to go paperless. It should only take a week or 2. But it cuts on the confusion of if the check is lost. But just keep up to date with your deposits. Also, your deposits will be on Friday as opposed to getting your Thursday live check. I never had a pay issue with direct deposit.
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    The one thing that bums me out about direct deposit is that you cannot control more than one account via the online page. I have $200 per week that goes direct to savings. There is no way to change that amount or account online, have to do it the old-fashioned way, which usually gets screwed up.
  6. stink219

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    I have Bank of America as my bank. I deposit it all in one account, then I can auto transfer between 3 different accounts.
  7. barnyard

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    I could do that, but BOA is the devil and I won't do business with them anymore.