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    Hi all. I'm on my 2nd day at UPS. They told me that I could go on line to sign up for direct deposit but I can't find the site where I sign up. I need to create a log in ID for me and then go from there. What is the web site that I need to go to?
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    More like psycho and artistically deranged. :wink2:
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    I knew you guys would say that. :wink2:
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    Hey Jim1111,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe!:peaceful:
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    I have tried to do the same online and can't get the damn thing to open the page---what is that all about.
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    When someone registers on this site a License agreement should pop up and you should have to read it then take a test just to make sure that you did read it. On this test will be all the basic information such as Where to buy socks, how to log into, talking to union STEWART, and all the same things that goes on with this site..... JMO
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    But then we'd only have 4 new posts a day!
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    How about reading the sticky threads at the top of this forum?

    This will answer many of the questions you might have!:smart: