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    I worked through peak season back in October and continued working as a driver until I side swiped a parked car in March. There was very minor damage and no injury. I had a meeting with all the mgrs and center MGR and was offered a position inside which I thought was okay since I was told I can’t drive for UPS for a year. Since March I can’t get anyone to return my calls regarding inside positions I’ve applied for. I’ve even reached out to my MGR and no reply.. How do I get back with UPS. I did a great job during peak I was told a lot of bs and when it was over no one helps...
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    Did you make your 30 in ANY position and join the union? Have you been going to your local hall and giving them payment to stay an active member?

    If not, go to your union with 3-4 months of dues and explain your situation and ask for help.
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  3. Tipshank

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    I relocated but I still want to work for UPS
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    Like down the street? Or to a different city?

    If you didn't make your probation period you may not have a chance. If you've been contacting them for months with no reply. You got the, “we’re better off friends speech.”
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    Doing a great job normally includes not hitting other cars.
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    He said it didn't do too much damage
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  7. Indecisi0n

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    Oh I didn't see that . In that case then yes they should be welcoming him back with open arms.
  8. burrheadd

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    Lemme guess

    You also had the hardest route in the building
  9. Covemastah

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    Amazon Own your own rte ,, hit as many cars as you want