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    Has anybody here had problems collecting disability pay?
    There are several people in my hub that were on disability and when they tried to collect disability pay, they were given the reason that the insurance company doesn't have enough info from the doctor, even though the hourly gave the insurance company all documents needed.
    One lady had been out 7 months, just came back to work last week. She got only 3 checks, plus, at one point they put her on FMLA, though she didn't file any papers nor did she request to be put on FMLA. Plus the pay was part time pay, even though she is Art. 22.
    As you know, when one is on FMLA that person doesn't get paid.
    Any thoughts on this. I can't help but think there is a conspiracy theory brewing here.
    BTW, both hourlys have over 30 years seniority. Hmmmmm?