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  1. ade34

    ade34 ade34

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a Team Leader in the U.K. I am comming over to see Mickey & Co. in the Fall. Over here we have some agreements in place for discounts with different companys.

    My Question is. Are there any such agreements over in the U.S.A.?

    I would love to hear from anyone who has any ideas for saving a few Bucks while visiting Florida. Car Rental, Parks & Eating etc.


    Thanks for taking the time to look.

  2. aspenleaf

    aspenleaf New Member

    You can find a lot of discounts on the portal - do you have access to that? If not I will look and PM you the discounts. We do get some discounts to theme parks, hotels and rental cars plus tons of other stuff.
  3. ade34

    ade34 ade34

    Hi Aspenleaf,

    If this is the aera i think you mean, i think you need to enter your social security number. which won't work from the U.K. if you were able to PM me the info i would be greatful.

  4. aspenleaf

    aspenleaf New Member

    Okay I will get you a screen shot of the discounts... and no you do not use your ss# but you use a number you get from ups...
  5. paco

    paco New Member

    You need to put in your 7 digit employee id and your password. If it's your first time, you'll need to set the password. It's fairly straightforward. So far I've used it for my cellphone and a dell laptop.
  6. ade34

    ade34 ade34

    Hey Paco,

    Thanks for the link, I have tried to get into this site but my ID number won't work. I'd be thankful if you could PM some page shots to me?

    Ade :confused:1
  7. paco

    paco New Member

    This might be helpful.

    On your paycheck, do you not have a 7 digit long employee number? I hope it's not true but maybe this service is only available to US employees. You could try their technical email.
  8. aspenleaf

    aspenleaf New Member

    I emailed you the info. The site seems to be for USA employees but as paco says you might want to call and find out. Don't forget to bring your ID badge with you as these places will need to see it to make sure you do work for UPS.:cool:
  9. ade34

    ade34 ade34

    Hi Aspenleaf,

    Thanks for your help, now waiting on the teccies to see if they are able to get me logged in!

    Stay safe hope to chat soon.
    Ade :)
  10. aspenleaf

    aspenleaf New Member

    Good luck and say hi anytime! :cool:
  11. sleepyfoe

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    Hello to you:thumbup1:
  12. tunemixer

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    We received a paper the other day that had Boston Celtics tickets listed as discounts. I went to UPSers .com but didn't see it anywhere. Anybody have any information on this? I realize this may be a limited thread due to it being a NE area but any help appreicated.
  13. Lashawn

    Lashawn New Member

    ive been trying to find the discounts for days that would be awsome if you can send those or email them {email address removed by admin... spambots could find your address posted publicly and flood your email with spam... I hate spam}
  14. scratch

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    Lashawn, Go to and click on the middle "My Life and Career" tab. On the left hand side of the page, is a "My Life and Career" menu. You can also look at your paycheck located under this menu. Anyway, just click on the "Employee Discounts" tab, and there you are.

    The discounts on cellphones are good. The Corporate Discounts on cars are even better. I bought my wife a 2008 Ford Escape XLT yesterday and saved big time. The "X Plan" price was below dealer invoice and I still got the factory rebates. I almost paid what a Ford employee pays, which is below dealer's cost.:thumbup1:
  15. Joopster

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    Um, ok.
  16. bubbaboo08

    bubbaboo08 Guest

    New Registration??

    I've Tried To Register For The First Time And It's Locked Me Out Before I Can Even Make Up A Password? I Obviously Did Something Wrong? I Put In My Employee No. And Then Pin# (which Consists Of My First 2 Letters Of My Last Name, Then Last 2 Numbers Of My Birth Year And Then The 2 Numbers Of My Employee Number..............did I Do It Correctly?
    I'd Appreciate Any Assistance Possible!!!
    Thank You! :-)
  17. bubbaboo08

    bubbaboo08 New Member

    Hello paco!
    This is my first time on here and to register with How do I set my password for the first time?
    Thanks for your time!
  18. bubbaboo08

    bubbaboo08 New Member

    Hello Scratch!
    Could you help me please? :-)
  19. tanaudre

    tanaudre michelle harris

    Hello!!! before you just entered your info did you register first?
  20. MethodsMan

    MethodsMan Active Member

    How do I take advantage of these discounts on UPSer's???

    I see on the page that we get 25% off traeger grills. How do I take advantage of this deal? I click on the link and it takes me to another page not sponsored by UPS and I can't find anything on that page.