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  1. acronymsRus

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    I busted a supervisor that i really don't know trying to "set" me up after returning to the building. I had parked my car and was taking off my a/c exceptions but too many to carry in 1 trip. As I returned to my car to get the other 2, I noticed a supervivsor walk into the back of my pkg car along the box line. No big deal? I took the other a/c pkgs off the floor of the cab and upon returning to my car I noticed he now was standing behind my pkg car with a camera. ( understand this was a few minutes time between the trips to take the a/c pkgs off). So I approached him and questioned what he was doing and asked if thier was a problem with my load? He told me no. So I went around my car from the boxline and retrieved my paperwork & diad and looked back and noticed that he had untied all of my smalls bags from my pickups and had dumped them on the floor and turned totes over before I had a chance to even unload my smalls. ( we have to unload our smalls upon return to the building). He staged an audit to look bad on me. So the next morning i went right up to my center manager and told him about this. He was not happy and told me he had recieved a bad audit on me and had a report with a photo. however i told him before he ever said a thing to me and he knew I was telling the truth, and he even told as much, because how would I have known? Any way point of story is.. Why would some one in management be so dishonest to do such a thing? Personal gain? or are they under so much pressure to find something wrong?? I don't get it? What will happen to the supervisor that did the dishonest thing?? Nothing!!! In my opinion, But I, as a driver would have been fired for falsifying a document had I done some thing similar to this...
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    No one should have to put up with that BS. Get your steward and respectfully request a meeting to resolve this issue. This supervisor needs put on a short lease by the manager before he causes more problems!
  3. cachsux

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    Get a steward and got way up in mgmt and to H.R. to file a complaint of a hostile workplace and dishonesty.
  4. helenofcalifornia

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    I am a little confused about the bad audit results. The bad audit was because you supposedly didn't contain your smalls in a tote box or bag? Supposedly it was all over the floor? And the pictures he took were of the smalls all over the floor? I sure would be telling all my fellow drivers about this supervisor. What kind of supervisor was he? I am glad your manager believed you w/out going through the BS of trying to convince him. What a lame supervisor. You should make a big deal about this. This is an integrity issue.
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    I wish they'd audit our drivers. Honestly though and not the same way that guy did. Our drivers don't containerize smalls and there is always one or two drivers each night that does not unload their air.
  6. beentheredonethat

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    I'm guessing the supervisor that audited was a local sort supervisor. He's probably trying to blame the driver of why the local sort is having problems. Doesn't make sense for an on road to gig you. Pretty stupid of that supv to make stuff up like that.
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    If you screwed up, I would admit to it and not do it again. I would then take a digital photo of your load every AM and give it to the preload manager until you see some results. You not unloading your smalls is a negligible offense to the felonys committed on the preload everyday, in my opinion.
    Isnt your car to be loaded stop for stop??:lol: :lol:
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    No they were contained in bags and mail totes.. he dumped and staged the whole thimg thinking I had already left for the night:mad:
  9. acronymsRus

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    Did you read what i posted?? First of all this was in the PM. 2nd of all I did not screw up! A supervisor staged a fake audit. Go back and re-read what i said:confused:1
  10. Cementups

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    ^^no, I think he was saying that if a sup is going to try and get you in trouble then you should try a turn around and take a picture eveeryday of your bad load (if it is bad) until preload fixes it. Kind of a "do unto others" kind of deal.
  11. acronymsRus

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    yeah I know but kind of made me mad about the "if I did something wrong"
  12. brownmonster

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    If we spent half the time and money on customer service instead of worrying about all this internal bullsh#t I would be swimming in UPS Stock.
  13. DS

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    Every once in awhile some ups mngmt people get promoted and feel they have to prove themselves by being overzealous
    in thier attempt to get ahead.These people are doomed from
    the start when they take good long time employees and try
    to make an example if they do one little thing wrong.

    Making up things is a whole new ball park.
    I hope this guy gets terminated.
  14. tieguy

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    I agree he should be discharged. Bad enough he's making something up but then he also does it when the driver is rigth there? Dangest thing I've ever heard of other then the beer washing down the taco on our injured driver story. :thumbup1:
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    The BS goes on at UPS is thick enough to slice.

    The crap in my area alone is enough to make me dizzy. If I knew all the games going on in the building I'd probaby burst. :laugh: dw
  16. wildgoose

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    Dishonest supervisor hmmmm imagine that ? Sorta like an oxy maroon ex. jumbo shrimps :-)
  17. toonertoo

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    Them darn dishonest sups are the worst. I had one of them do a check in audit on me. I got 100%. The reloaders will scream the loudest if someone doesnt bag their smalls. The preload sups will scream if your send agains arent marked. The point being, they have a job to do, if you are doing yours, they have no fuel. Dont worry about it. Some guy trying to frame you, will be refuted by the people who unload your truck. youll get a few days off with pay, and he will be demoted. Problem solved. Sounds pretty low, but wouldnt stick.
  18. browniehound

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    Sorry you misunderstood the nature of my post. Its called sarcasim:confused:1
  19. Harry Manback

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    Wow, that's about the scummiest thing I've ever heard. Was this an on car sup, twilight sup, or a pm clerk/oms. I would've found it hard not to give said perp. a tongue lashing he wouldn't soon forget. Sometimes I wonder where UPS gets these ppl. I'm pretty sure they do a lot of management recruiting at the Special Olympics. The other day, I brought a high value to the audit clerk to sign off on. Gave her the control log and placed the pkg with 1 other high value pkg. She comes out looks at the log, then at the two packages and says, "Which one is it?" I reply, "You can't tell?" How hard is it to match 1 tracking number against 2 packages? Apparently, it's almost as difficult as answering the telephone, because they're not terribly skilled at doing that either.
  20. upsman415

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    This stupidvisor should be canned.