Disqualified for not having 30 worked days out of 60 days.

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    Anyone ever get denied full time driver position for not working the 30 days out of 60?
    As in, someone worked 27 days, hit the 60 days mark, then worked the 28th day (day 64). Had to get shop steward involved to see what was going on day 67, he said they’re in union, but then management said they’re denied for “not having gotten 30 days in”, no other reason (ie not because of performance, time, safety, etc). Grievances are being filed for back pay, seniority date being put in as 60th day, arbitration to get the job & all that fun stuff. Shop Steward says not to worry, they’re going to have their job, but curious about opinions and experiences.

    Also worth noting, they were working 4 day weeks, then down to 1 day weeks all of a sudden, after possibly ticking off a supervisor.
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    They can DQ you pretty much for whatever they want in 30 , the sad is I hope they didn't DQ you to make you a 22.4 later
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    Your union leaders should look into possible no-cause DQs at your building. They seem to be increasing lately to possibly fill 22.4 positions next month.

    Keep things under wraps so it does not blow back onto you. Your steward should present a blanket case against the building for all persons in qualification.
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    Happened in my building a bunch of years ago. He started all over again 5 months later. He made seniority on the 2nd go round.
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    In your 30 days they don't even need a reason to DQ you. You aren't an employee but rather a temp with no protection.

    And before you few start quoting union articles I don't care what it says, the company always win these fights. THRY ARE NOT EMPLOEES
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    30 days in a hundred eighty days if you were smart you would print out or your paychecks that they used you those 30 days go to Yunion rep and show them that and go see a whole new different story. Also write a grievance for all the days they didn't use you and they will settle by giving you your full-time seniority
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    They can just "make" someone a 22.4.

    He would have to bid the job.

    No-such thing.

    During your qualification, the only thing you are guaranteed are wages.

    In most supplements, you must wait a year after disqualification.

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    I thought it was 30 driving days within a 90 day period?!

    Honest question, did you get better everyday? Or did someone always have to come and help you? I’m in full support of pissing off supervisors as long as your production is on point and your a monster.
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    Last I checked I paid union dues at the start of my 30 days. They better represent me and they did!
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    Not saying they are going to make him a 22.4 , I am saying they will just have only 22.4 open and it is up to him to take it or not and if he wanted to go driving bad enough then guess what he will be
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    It’s not about me, but yes, he did improve. They said they wanted him at 21-22 packages per an hour, he was averaging 23-27 the last few weeks. Help was only sent if it had been preplanned in the morning because the route was heavy (his “training” route was actually a split route having at least 190 stops, so if it was 240 or so, they’d let him know before he went out that he was meeting so & so around this time & they were taking x amount of stops).
    And since he was doing good, they had him do shuttle a few days & had even thrown him onto a couple different routes/totally new areas by himself, which according to their own rules, you can’t do with a trainee.

    The shop steward said that since they didn’t disqualify him within the 60 days (Local 177), he’s in. He checked himself & said the person was in. And he even worked a day after the 60 days were up. But Friday, he was told no work again so he let the shop steward know & then they had to confirm the days. Steward called later that day & said that management is denying him the position because he didn’t work 30 days, which obviously the union is now going crazy on with filing this & that. Especially since it looks highly suspicious with having 4 day weeks, then all of a sudden down to one, that day being a day they had him shuttle from 10am-a little after 9pm, being told not to take a lunch even though he questioned it more than once (they coded in an hour meeting so he’d still get paid for that since the system was automatically taking out a lunch hour) & he pissed a supervisor off.

    Long story short, he called to meet her to take some of her stops. She said be at this address in 10 minutes. 45 mins later, higher up sup called person to see how he was doing & he said that he was still waiting on her to meet him. Higher sup called lady sup. She called person & flipped out for “ratting on her”. Person waited almost 40 more minutes for her to show. She then has person take her trainee to do deliveries on the street, while she sat in the car. Once it was done, he finally got to take some of her stops & she noticed 2 missed packages from an apartment building she had already done, so she scanned them on her diad & threw it into person’s truck to deliver them. He didn’t argue because he doesn’t want to piss anyone off, even though she was going right by it again & he wasn’t going to be in that area. He texted the higher sup to let him know he finally got the stops which he was told to do (over 2 hours later from the original “meet me here in 10 mins” call) & at the end of day, brought up the 2 missed packages. So higher sup went off on lady sup & person coincidentally didn’t have anymore work that week & only one day a week for the next couple of weeks. He wasn’t trying to piss anyone off or get anyone in trouble, & he wasn’t bitching about it, but was just doing what he was told to do.
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    More 22.4's? Less regular drivers? How can this be? The leadership assures us, this is not the case?
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    He was laid off, never made his 30 days. He was allowed to start over again.
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    We know it is you Diablo
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    If they worked him past the 60 days then he's got seniority.
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    It happened here. The company lost.
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