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    Hi everybody. I'm a new driver. I was disqualified on my 28th day for not making scratch. I'm now a seasonal. They wanted me to do a 790 to make scratch. My last pickup was 840 out. Does this make any sense? I told them it was impossible. I can't pick up that early. Am i right about this? My typical day was about 100 stops, 30 pickups. 600-700 pieces total. Mainly businesses. I averaged about 45-50 mins over. The regular driver thought this was really good. I think i was just lured in with full time when they really only needed seasonal. What do you guys think?
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    you were doomed from the start
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    They use to pull :censored2: like that with me when I started years ago. Yeah they probably :censored2:ed you from the start. Only advice Id give is call your sup and tell him you need him to cover that pickup in order for you to scratch. Then tell your shop steward why you’re not being hired because the company is making it not possible due to pick up compliance.

    But since it’s peak now. All you can do is take it up the ass. You’ll probably be let go. Just apply in the spring and you’ll be made by summer.
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    Thanks guys. That's what i thought. I'm pretty sure they hired too many new full time drivers. They needed them. I'm the extra. They already hired all the seasonals so they don't have anything for me to do... part time work. I saw immediately that they don't have their act together. Hence my 26 year old sup with less than 2 years of driving experience. He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground
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    Might be interesting if he ever goes golfing!
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    sounds like excuses to me
    Drivings not for everybody

    Burger King is hiring
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    I have 8 years in running garbage routes with no gps. Old school garbage truck, rear load. I can drive... 17 years no accidents, no tickets, no property damage
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    Hows that for your burger king?
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    I have a cdl. Do you?
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    I just wanted to know about ups. If they regularly pull stuff like this. They do i guess. Not the place i thought they were. One of the only places that pays around here. Ups pays more than waste management. I was looking at going there before ups.