Dissolving safety committee's does really work!

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    We as a united cntr decided to dissolve our safety committee until working conditions improve. In return Atlanta told our Dist mngr that every center MUST have a safety committee & he'd better do whatever it takes to make that happen! Ironically I'm seeing more & more smiling faces as drivers are getting their workday reduced. Quicker results than the lengthy 9.5 process.
  2. I'm proud of you, but really the safety committee is a horse and pony show. It is up to YOU to work safely and it is also up to YOU to either stand up and address you workload issues or talk with your management about how to improve your working conditions. Many times all it takes is communication with the powers that be to improve YOUR working conditions. In my center the bickering amongst the drivers is just as bad as the attitude of management.
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    That could never happen in my center. 70 drivers and we can't agree on the time of day.
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    Two years ago are local pulled the plug on the safety committee's in all three building in are area until ground rules could be put in place so that hourly safety members could not be doing observations and or reporting on there fellow brother and sisters. We didn't have a safety committee for about a year.
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    I wouldn't agree more that safety is of the utmost importance but as a safety committee member I could only hear so many times "my hands are tied" & any driver will be fine working a 10-12 hr day 5 days/week as long as he/she follows the methods.
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    Had to run the route of our safety person today so they could play on the computer all day. Really? How can we go about getting that stopped? To me, that's not a union. And it wasn't like they took a paid actual, and went home with four hours or something. Was still "slaving away" at the computer when I brought the route in. Pulled more hours than I did, twiddling thumbs.
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    Good for you for taking a stand. By participating in something, you validate it. Continued participation in useless safety committees serves no purpose other than allowing the company to take credit for having the committees in the first place.

    Ideally, the Committees would operate on a "quid pro quo" basis with the company. Want a passing grade on the next Keter audit? Ok, we want reductions in excessive overtime. Want us to recite the silly acronyms and commentaries? Ok, we want the company to get rid of the unsafe package cars with lap belts, high steps and manual steering. Instead of letting the company pretend to care about safety, force them to take meaningful actions in regards to safety.
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    I accepted the nomination twice to put my name in the ring for the safety committee. Both times I said as soon as I get on I am going to pursue real issues. Both times for some reason I was not elected. :sad-little:
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    It's all about liability.
    Liability is money.
    ​It's always about the money.
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    ​Probably because you sux!
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    Maybe your too motivated. They want people who will collect the extra green while just standing around.
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    There will always be a safety committee as long as people use it a excuse for extra money

    If they took the money away and you had to volunteer I wonder who would do it then , oh I forgot the brown nose would

    I guess there will be safety committee for life then
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    Safety Committees are collectively bargained for and they are for the mutual benefit of the employee and the company.

    Disbanding them shows a weakness in union leadership and a lack of integrity.

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    They are "Supposed" to be mutually beneficial, but they are not. All management does is yes you to death and do nothing. All the safety meeting was good for was 30 minutes of pay. Wasn't worth it. I've gotten more accomplished since resigning from the safety committee and thus disbanding it. It's took strength to disband the committee and it was because we had integrity that we did so.
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    Nothing wrong with handing out bananas at 47 bucks an hour.
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    What profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?

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    UPS Preloader,

    I stand by my previous statement.

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    My stand on this is I've been on the safety committee tryin to address mental health because I'm seeing more & more employees going on medication for depression/anxiety & this truley concerns me. However in a UPS environment safety meeting all issues that the company doesn't want to deal with, my chairman (cntr mngr) would rather cop out & say "my hands are tied & there isn't anything we can do"