Disturbing report of "END UPS PART TIME POVERTY" bumper stickers

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsurge, Aug 12, 2003.

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    I was disturbed to read a post in the Teamster net ups forum that TDU is advertizing "END UPS PART TIME POVERTY" bumper stickers for free . THe promotors of this irrresponsible action estimate that just the first 5000 of these stickers will be viewed by an averageof 5 motorists for each sticker per day or 1.6 million per year. They plan by the end of the current contract to give away over 200000 of tese stickers meaning over one million motorists per day will have a negative view of our ups being an exploiter of part time workers etc. How caqn we stop this?
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    It's a free country, so a few people will probably put those bumper stickers on their cars. Most people realize that if you hurt the public perception of UPS and cause shippers to divert their shipments to other carriers UPS won't be able to pay them, or anyone else higher wages. If they were really successful at creating a ground swell of public support for the "poverty" cause some people at UPS might even lose their jobs because of depressed volume. Most people also understand that if the wages at their current job are too low they can train themselves through UPS tuition reimbersement to acquire skills to enable them to find another job that pays more. I seriously doubt that they will find 200 people to display those silly bumper stickers, certainly not 200,000. Not many people are naive enough to bite the hand that feeds them.
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    With each free bumper sticker, each participant should also receive free instructions for creating their own tin foil hat. Donning the tinfoil while driving the stickered vehicle would be quite the fashion statement and it would be highly effective for getting their delusions of grandeur message out.
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    retired 1. I liked your optimism that less than 200 would sport such stickers, however a friend in Chicago tells me that there are already hundreds using the stickers locally. Also trhe TDU network is vast and withdistributing them for free i sense they will catch on. Also are they biting the hand that feeds them or are we biting there hands that feed us by under paying them? When i went into mgmt in 85 i was already making over $15 per hr part time. If i had stayed pt i would now be making the full and fair rate of $23.25 per hr compared to new hires at only $8.50. At that timr in 85 i could afford food, a share rental, tuition,books a used car and insurance etc. The new hires cant come anywhere close to that . Can many even afford to first paY THE TUITION TO BE REIMBURSED LATER? wOULD THETY PREFER THE TUITIONJ REIMBURSEMENT OR THE $14.75 MORE PER HR THAT THE FULL RATE HIGH SENIORITY PART TIMERS GET? aLSO ARE WE BITING THE HANDS OF THE COUNTRY THAT SUPPORTS US BY NOT PROVIDING THE FULL TIME WELL PAYING JOBS THAT WE COULD? wAS PRESIDENT roosevelt right when he said ANY cOMPANY THAT DOESNT PAY A LIVING WAGE THAT CAN SUPPORT A FAMILY HAS NO RIGHT TO BE IN THE US? Ups was good for me but is it good for most and the country? Should workers that perform 4 to 6 times as hard of work as most part time jobs be paid so little? Should we take credit for the pt benifits when if not for the union we woulkd pay none and even less w2ages etc? Wasnt asking the ibt for optional benifits a attempt to lead towaRD phasing out the benifits? Should we increase our prices by 5% so we could again pay fair pt wages ? This increase would be matched by fed ex and lose no volume and at least we could feelclean rather than social parasites and exploiters that undermine bthe foundation of our great country etc.So, i dont like the bumper stickers but what else are theyt to do? Especially considering that we have their Hoffa in our back Pocket. When they had Ron Carey that new us well including our attempted black mail of him as reported in the book The Teamsters they could get reform through striking. Now do they have to try and publically shame us into reform?But 2 cents is probably right that since we will suffwer little from the public catching on to the reral ups they might as well be wearing tin foil hats.
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    I guess when some signed up they didn't see the part time phrase. I did and understood what it meant. In all fairness though,it would seem to last longer than it did before. As far as the poverty issue though, I have to disagree. I wonder what part-time at Mcdonald's pays. I survived on UPS part-time wages and was glad to get it. Being conserned about the bumper stickers is a waste of time. There are way to many people waiting in the wings to get a job at UPS. If you are ignorant enough to let it go then do so. Sad as it sounds, you will not be grieved. This is a damn good paying job.(Even for part time.) The insurance is about the best you can get. If I sound like a fan of UPS it is because I have been here for almost 24 years and am grateful everyday for the benefits I have recieved. My car will have no bumber sticker...

    2 Cents, I crafted my tin foil hat months ago and it has served me well. It would seem we have friends that need to get the foil out and create thier own hat.
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    'nuff said
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    I believe that you are correct deliverman. Very observant of you.
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    a saint for the Teamsters I am not. Just a retired mgr that has accepted christ and tries to be honest about ups.
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    ya waterever, here we go again...CHREYL?
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    Christ is spelled with a capital "C"


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    Those bumper stickers are idiotic. I see UPS running free bus services for the part-timers every day at my Hub. Part-timers that might be living at poverty levels are getting a free ride to work! How many other companies do that for their workforce?

    TDU is an organization made up of people that would not be happy no matter what the Teamsters or UPS does for them.
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    If we paid the all the part timers the full and fair wage of $23.25 per hr that the pre 1982 hires make then they could once again own cars and not need free bus service. Before retiring from mgmt I thoght like you do , buy have since read both our ups stuff and that of our critics. The critics are at times way off base, but quite often have valid critisism that we are psycologically conditioned to find objectionable or ignore. I think its time we take a balance and therefore more fair approach.Remember these critics are not out to destroy ups but just to make it better for their side just like mgmt wants to make irt better for us.
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    Gang, you're being conned. Don't you recognise the handle? My suggestion would be to ignore UP Surge. These comments posted are not tongue in cheek. They are deceits.
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    Let's keep this civilized and reasonable... please.

    Just in case you forgot here's another copy of my old and boring flame lecture...

    Discussion can be animated, which is fine, but we do not welcome personal attacks, on- or off-board. It is inappropriate to say anything on a discussion board about any individual or entity that you would not be prepared to say to them face-to-face.

    It is fine to disagree with a different viewpoint, but please limit this to challenging the idea and not make your comments a personal challenge or make derogatory personal comments about individuals, their ideas or their situation. The latter is considered to be a flame and will not be tolerated.
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    From Usenet: rec.humor


    Origin: Unknown (actually, I wrote the first one a few months ago, but I thought "origin: unknown" looks cool)

    Revision 1: Dec. 2, 1987 by Joe Talmadge

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    Here, I have attempted to document the Art of Flaming, in such a way as it will be interesting to old hands (flame masters) and novices (virgins) alike. Without a further ado, then, I present:

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    cheryl, thanks for your words of wisdom..
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    I don't think anyone here is being conned, but simply tired of this same old drivel being posted over and over and over again. After a few months, someone else will probably post this sludge again, assuming readers of this board have forgotten about it or have moved on.

    I believe the purpose of repeating this nonsense is a standard propaganda technique, meaning - if something is said enough times, it is probably true. This works on soft minds, those who refuse to think.

    It is sometimes a challenge on how to handle moronic drivel. Sometimes its best to ignore it and sometimes its best to challenge it. As long as this type of stuff gets posted, readers of this board will have to decide which course of action to take to keep this board civil, which I believe the majority of the posters here do.

    It would be great if the trolls and disrupters took their tired acts someplace else, instead of polluting this board. So in sum, it boils down to determining the best way of getting of them.
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    <font color="0000ff">I don't see what the big deal is here. Sounds like someone has an opinion to express and others want them shunned for it. Although I wont be sporting that bumper sticker on my truck....I do agree part/timers are shafted in pay but simply stating that is just about all that can be done about it so I move on. My problem with this whole thing is the attitudes allot of people here tend to have towards anyone that agrees with this. Yes UPS pays very good for a part/time job and I'm actually happy with it but it could and should be better and comparing it to McDonalds is like comparing apples to oranges and believing someone is an idiot for believing so or believing they have been brain washed with propaganda is wrong. Everyone sees what they want to see and believes what they want to believe. We all can't be happy and always share the same opinion. Otherwise.... why don't we all just plug our heads together and into one super computer and call it Skynet. </font>
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    Having a difference of opinion is one thing, but these Saint Teamo threads serve no purpose whatsoever, other than to disrupt and provoke. My first reaction upon seeing this thread was, "oh no, not this <font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font><font color="ff0000">•</font> again." These threads do nothing other than to sink this board to the lowest common demoninator and who wants to read that? I most certainly don't.
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    Upssurge is clearly Saint teamo. We have certainly been exposed to this persons words enough to recognize the same tired dialogue presented over and over. Since you banned Saint teamo I think you need to consider the possibility that this person has now reappeared under a different id.