Division Manager calls 16:45/all drivers must be off 12 hours

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wornoutupser, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    Here we go.

    At 16:45 yesterday we all received an OMS message that all drivers would be off at 12 hours punch to punch with no exceptions per the division manager.

    I had already received clearance to be out past 10:00 with my load and I ould not have missed anything. There was no other problem other than the division manager deciding to mess with everything that late in the day after everyone was set and running.

    Two other drivers had to come get work off of me and I work way out in the woods. One driver was a supervisor with a helper. I feel that much UPS money was wasted here in additional time and fuel. I am a stockholder.

    Since I was already approved to be out that late and I am the senior driver in the loop, I am filing for the lost overtime. How does everyone else feel about this? Thanks!
  2. speeddemon

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    Consider yourself blessed. We have been told to be off in 14 hours, punch to punch. I am a huge family man. I really miss seeing my kids and wife this time of year. I would gladly take a 8-9 hour day.
  3. stealth8

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    Management is trying to run a "cheap" Christmas this year. It will come back to bite them in the ass when customers go elsewhere because of bad service. Glad I only have 4yrs to go!!!
  4. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    We've had a 12hr curfew... well pretty much all summer.
    its been like peak here since last peak.

    Missed packages are going to continue to snowball.
    Hey but maybe management is doing us a favor
    by showing we can't get it all done, shows we need more drivers.
  5. cpio

    cpio New Member

    Of course you shouldn't be out past 12 hours! They'll just find a supervisor to work the rest...........don't they look cute playing dress-up in a driver uniform?
  6. Why is the 12 hr curfew rule a bad thing? Drivers are only allowed 60 hrs in a week, if the center team allows you to stay out longer then that each day they will run out of hours. If the drivers run out of hours then their will be a lot more service failures then several missed pkgs you had to bring back.

    I do agree with the fact that it shouldn't come to that point. The upper mgmt from the top down is pushing the center teams not to add any more drivers then they have to. I say its peak season put on the helpers and drivers and bring the people back to the building.

    There is a thing called employee moral that I think has been pushed aside to make a number on a report so the stock doesnt fall any more then it has.

    But what do I know I am an IE guy.
  7. VoiceOfReason

    VoiceOfReason Telling it like it is

    12 hours punch to puch is 11.33 hours because of break. For whatever reason it is the magic number around here too. I harp about letting me know if anyone is close to 11 hours so I don't have to toe the line.

    DOT is now 14 hrs on road in a day but still 60 hrs total a week.
  8. Ms Spoken

    Ms Spoken New Member

    At our center UPS is cutting routes and using drivers as helpers. That is sad when you cant get helpers to work and you have to turn to the drivers. We are still on the 14 hour curfew.

  9. mpeedy

    mpeedy Member

    A few years back we were short on drivers helpers because too many of them quit. Next thing you know the account reps were working as drivers helpers. They had to work with one driver for a few hours, then off to help another driver and so on. This was for over a week.
  10. upsdude

    upsdude Well-Known Member

    We’ve been under the “12 hour” rule for the last few years. Remember, if you do work 14 hours, you must be off for 10 hours before the next punch.
  11. xkingx

    xkingx Member

    the same went for us last year also the p/t sups were used as helpers...i liked having the account guy ride with me..he hustled and it gave him a chance to see what we really do out there...
  12. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    The local IE guy here didn't even know what the NSN/CL/MOV on the crosses meant. IE=Job kill department because most of them never have been in the drivers seat and just care about numbers.
  13. VoiceOfReason

    VoiceOfReason Telling it like it is

    We are running low seniority drivers as helpers and local sorters as a favor to them and their families. We are over staffed. Even on peak day we have 4 more drivers than cars on the plan.
  14. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    Consider yourself lucky! Usually we start our Split Routes right after Thanksgiving. Our Dispatch Supe was planning to start them Monday, but the "higher ups" have refused to use their original plan and are still over-dispatching. We have a lot of empty Package Cars sitting around.:confused:1
  15. mattwtrs

    mattwtrs Retired Senior Member

    Isn't it funny how IE & the hub can screw things up! They advance too much volume for Monday delivery and bury us. Tuesday we are down 3,000 packages from Monday. The PAS dispatcher told me today we were back to within a couple of hundred packages of Mondays volume. If they would have left everything alone it would have been so much smoother. Same number of trips and helpers. We don't have enough drivers to send home and we are renting vehicles too!